10 Countries That Hardly Provide Citizenship To Foreigners

According to a recent report by Henley Passport Index, the British passport ranks 7th most influential and powerful passports in the world.

Having said that, securing  British citizenship no doubt is the choice is many overseas nationals who move to the UK in search of study and work and building a great lifestyle.

The United Kingdom has also leaped one spot above and now ranks as the 5th major economy in the world.

Important requirements to know about British citizenship

Many overseas nationals look to secure British citizenship after spending at least 5 years in the UK for the purpose of work or study.

Important requirements that help you complete the application process. You should be able to provide evidence of the following;

  • Age 18 years or above
  • Documentary evidence that you were in the UK exactly 5 years before initiating your application process
  • Evidence the English language proficiency. It could be Welsh or Scottish Gaelic also
  • You have passed the life in the UK test
  • You have a strong intention to continue living in the UK
  • You must bear good character, that is, there should be no criminal record in your name.

Benefits of British citizenship over other country’s citizenships

Being a citizen of the worlds 5th largest economy is certainly rewarding and advantageous in many ways.

  1. You can travel any length and breadth of the country without any immigration or travel restrictions
  2. You have access to the top medical and healthcare facilities
  3. You can study with some of the best universities across the globe
  4. You can vote as any other citizen
  5. You can work without restrictions
  6. You can grow in the safest and secure environment
  7. You can also keep the citizenship of your home country as well as gain British citizenship.

Countries that hardly provide citizenship to foreigners

1. Vatican city

A small country with a population of just 450 people. The immigration policies of Vatican city is complex and strict for this reason. You can become a citizen of Vatican City only if you prove that you are a cardinal living in Vatican City or Rome, Holy See, or if you are a worker in Vatican City in the Catholic Church.

2. North Korea

Securing North Korean citizenship is the most difficult task in the world. This is because most of the North Koreans do not have passports because they don’t travel to other counties. Its citizenship is only possible if it has been passed by blood or by descent. Also, if a child is born abroad to a parent of one North Korean citizen and another with different nationality, then citizenship can be decided by the parents. Even if you want to secure citizenship in North Korea, you will need to write an application to the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

3. Liechtenstein

Another very small country with a population of not more than 40,000. This country too has a strict and complex immigration system. If you want to secure citizenship here, you must live for continuous 30 years. Another way is if you get married to a Liechtenstein citizen you just need to fulfill 5 years of continuous residence.

4. Bhutan

You must live for continuous 15 years before you can begin to apply for citizenship of Bhutan. Another way is, you must have both parents as Bhutan citizens.

5. China

A communist country by origin does not allow dual citizenship while you are living in China. You must prove continuous residence but not specified clearly. You can become a citizen of China by descent.

6. Saudia Arabia

It is very difficult to secure citizenship in Saudia Arabia unless you are a Muslim. However, you can become its citizen easily if you convert to Islam or you prove a 20 years continuous residence. Also, if your father is a citizen of this country, you can directly become its citizen.

7. Austria

It is a country of a complex state of immigration policies and rules. You cannot have dual citizenship and still live in Austria. You must show a 10-year residence permit.

8. San Marino

A very small country with just 33,000 people. The immigration policy says you must live for 30 years before you can apply for its citizenship, or you get married to it citizen and reduce the residence period to 15 years.

9. Germany

Germany allows you to gain citizenship if you spend 8 consecutive years in residence, avail of their national pension plan, know the German language and about the country such as society, history and politics.

10. Japan

Having a continuous residence of 5 years is enough to begin citizenship application in Japan. However, the decision time is very long.

Consult immigration experts to begin the British Citizenship journey

You must seek legal advice from the best immigration lawyers to start your journey to a British citizenship application and gain the benefits of living in one of the world’s most loved countries.

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