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3 Ways Stickers and Labels can help your luxury brand

Have you created a high-end product and want to ensure that your entire product experience reinforces the luxury status of your brand? Or are you looking for the perfect accessory to make your high-quality product stand out? 

Look no further, we are here to help you achieve exactly that. In this article, we will show you three ways you can use custom stickers and labels to highlight the luxurious qualities of your product. 

Yes, you read that right, stickers! The little adhesive-backed powerhouses can help you communicate the standard of your brand to your customers. But before we jump into how exactly this can elevate your product experience, we need to take a closer look at the terms we will be using throughout this article.

Sticker printing companies usually distinguish between stickers and labels. When peeled, both look essentially the same. The only difference is that stickers are individually cut, while labels come on sheets. This makes labels 65% faster and easier to peel, which can save you a significant amount of time if you have to apply hundreds of them.

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s look at the ways stickers can support your brand.

Effect material 

Stickers do not have to be one flat colour or made out of a simple, white material. A high-quality effect material can help you emphasise the exclusivity of your product. 

Many printers offer great effect materials including holographic, glitter, silver and gold. The silver and gold materials can underline the premium status of your product whereas holographic and glitter materials are real eye-catchers. 

Effect material allows you to choose which parts of your design you would like to highlight. This can be controlled by printing white behind the colour you do not want to appear metallic. 

These stickers are a great way to give a luxurious finish to any type of packaging. Just look at the image below:

Limited edition seals 

Limited edition stickers have a firm place in marketing. They cannot only be used to communicate the release of a product range to your customers, but they also function to support your branding. 

Such stickers create product scarcity. Scarcity is a powerful marketing tool, as it makes the items that are available much more desirable. Customers feel a subconscious urgency to buy your product as it demands an immediate purchase decision. 

Especially in comparison to your competitor’s range which will continue to be available for weeks, your product is immediately elevated as customers can join an exclusive club by purchasing it.

Paper labels are perfect to create your own limited edition seals. The material used is naturally thick and textured and highlights the high quality of your product. 

Free giveaways 

Stickers are a great way to put a smile on your customers’ faces and forge positive associations with your brand. You can add them to every order or purchase, hand them out at events or even send them to influencers. 

This is where you can really tap into the superpower of stickers. Given under the right circumstances, they are not seen as advertising, but are perceived as a gift. This evokes social psychology’s rule of reciprocity. The receiver feels the subconscious need to return the favour which can take the shape of a recommendation, a purchase or even a social media post. 

If you would like to try this, we recommend investing in custom vinyl stickers. Through the vinyl base, these are resistant and perfect for hundreds of applications, giving your customers the freedom to apply their stickers any way they want. 

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks. Maybe we have even inspired you to give custom stickers and labels a try? Or you might already use stickers to highlight the status of your brand? If so, we would absolutely love to hear from you in the comments below.

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