Vital Services for your Online Business
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4 Vital Services for your Online Business

The day-to-day maintenance of an online business can be daunting. Getting the website up and running is only the first step to a successful online business. Unfortunately, your business might not be making enough revenue in the beginning to cover the costs of bringing in employees permanently, so outsourcing is a perfect solution. But you will still need to consider which roles are more urgent than others. Here are a few essential virtual assistant services you will need to consider bringing on board to take your business to the next level:


Accounting Services

Getting an accountant might not seem as exciting as getting a strategy analyst or a graphic designer. Still, if you are going to increase your sales, your business will have to deal with added financial data. For example, if you are selling internationally online, you will need to consider the currency exchange, different taxes that apply to other countries, and the import/export logistics. An accountant will be able to take that all on board and navigate your business through vats, taxes and inflation increases. They will be able to prepare yearly financial statements and do forecasting revenues and expenses for your business. They can also ensure that your paperwork is all in order and prevent audits on your company.


The Importance of an Online Marketing Consultant

It won’t surprise you that 90% of the UK e-commerce startups fail within the first 120 days. There is this false perception that once your website is up and running, you will automatically have sales coming into your inbox. But the reality is that unless you point audiences to your website, they won’t find it. By default, a new website has low visibility on search engines, and you will need an online marketing consultant to help you change that. Other reasons online businesses fail is because their social media content is inconsistent and unfocused, and their copy lacks keywords for search engine indexing. 

Getting the virtual assistant services of an online marketing consultant early on will help your business avoid a lot of these pitfalls. They will be able to audit your website and provide online marketing strategies to assist you with where you could be going wrong and what has the potential to do well. In addition, they will be able to assess your competitors, define marketing goals and increase your brand awareness.


Get a Good Copywriter

Online businesses need a lot of content to be written. Just think about the product descriptions, the general content on the website, the marketing information, all the email newsletters, social media and blog posts. You will want your website to stay fresh, exciting, and drawback customers again and again with new content uploaded on a regular basis. Initially, you might think you can do this all yourself, but the fact is that a lot more goes into that copy than just text. Keywords have to be considered, the content has to be engaging, and the titles will need to be eyecatching. You will quickly find that it is a very time-consuming job and that it might just be best to outsource a good copywriting service to handle it.


Customer Service for your online business

You get five new customers this week. Next week you get another five. In theory, you now have ten customers that love your product. But you discover that three of those customers had terrible experiences, from either the website, delivery or maybe there was an accounting issue. If those problems are not resolved professionally, those customers will be gone for life. Customer service provides a valuable asset to your online business as they communicate between your product and the client. They present your brand and business values directly through all your communication channels. You will also discover that because you had invested in good, personalised customer service for clients that need assistance, they will now become brand ambassadors for your company and refer their friends and peers to your website. 


The bottom line

These services are vital to an online business aiming to grow, retain customers and be successful. But, of course, hiring all these services on top of the expenses and costs you already have can considerably affect your bottom line. You might want to consider outsourcing all these services to one specific company that can provide you with a list of resources and services geared at online businesses. Outsourcing companies usually have plans available where you can start with core services in the first six months, then as your business grows, include other services that you will need.

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