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A camping table and chairs set is one of the most important pieces of equipment that make a trip to the great outdoors much more enjoyable, so it’s worth knowing how to pick out your perfect setup. One thing you might want in order for an easier time: folding camp tables with accompanying seats! 

Picking one can seem overwhelming at first—there are tons available in all shapes, sizes, color . . . and prices too. 

To help you figure this out without breaking your budget or spending hours researching online, we have 7 awesome choices coming up. But first, let’s share some buying advice.

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Top Picks

TUTAVIAW Camping Table with Seats 

COLIBROX Double Chair with Umbrella Table

Dimensions (LxWxH inches)

Dimensions (LxWxH inches)

TUTAVIAW Camping Table with Seats 

TUTAVIAW Camping Table, Portable Foldable Camping Table with Seats Chairs and Umbrella Hole,...

Dimensions (LxWxH inches)

COLIBROX Double Chair with Umbrella Table

COLIBROX Folding Portable Double Chair w/Umbrella Table Outdoor Cool Sport Camping Picnic

Dimensions (LxWxH inches)

Features to Look For in Great Camping Tables and Chairs

While there might be thousands of table variations available in the market that hands their respective “best” twist to the mix, there are certain key qualities that you could consider for your selection process. 


Table space and sizes are not conclusive proof of a product’s quality, but they will give you an idea of how comfortable it will be in the actual campsite. Large ones have greater limits while a petite frame maximizes the utility and portability of the table due to its sizes. Looking for the perfect ratio between its size and purpose is probably the most ideal way of looking at “space.”


Each brand-name table will always put something new in the table to make them stand out as the alleged “best” among hundreds and thousands of camp tables available to review. With this, manufacturers often utilize an entirely new (or sometimes with a derivative name) material for their models that promises more features, increased compact capabilities, lightweight composition, or a greater safety profile during use. Determining which material (plastic, metal, bamboo) will suit your camping trips the best is one way in ensuring that you will obtain the maximum value from the price that you have paid for.


You will probably feel like this list is a couple of feet away from being brand-name cliche, but trust us, the price is one of the best aspects that sizes the quality of your table as well. “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Do not settle for cheap knock-off plastic stuff, but you most certainly should not purchase extremely expensive ones if a bargain purchase could just work as well. 


Compact sizing is attractive for any camping equipment there is, and camping tables are no exception to this fact. Considering that anyone matter could go wrong in a camping trip, a tailgating adventure, or while RVing through the plains, the last thing that you would want to bring is stuff that is riddled with flaws. Stick to lightweight sizes or a model that shapes up like it would be easy to use, and you would probably be free from lots of foreseeable trouble.

The Best Folding Table and Chair Sets

  1. Picnic Time portable folding table with integrated seating
  2. TUTAVIAW Portable Foldable Camping Table with Seats
  3. Camping Chair and Table Set From TKATPTGT
  4. AHB Portable Folding Picnic Table with 4 Chairs
  5. COLIBROX Folding Portable Double Chair w/Umbrella Table
  6. TOOCA Folding Table with 2 Chairs
  7. IBEQUEM Folding Picnic Table with 4 Seats

1. ONIVA – Picnic Time Portable Folding Table with Integrated Seating 

ONIVA - a Picnic Time Brand Portable Folding Table with Aluminum Frame Silver, 36 x 5 x 18

If you are a person looking for an integrated folding camp table, then the ONIVA Picnic Time Brand Foldable Table might be the ideal option for your needs. It is a lightweight aluminum table top that maintains a relatively wide surface area. With a weight of just 4.2 kilograms upon folding, it is one of the best must-haves for those who go on camping trips in large groups. 

In addition to that, despite being a lightweight aluminum top table, it still has a decent leg size and a 250-pound weight limit – making for reliable supporting equipment on camp when a dining table is the only thing left to complete your makeshift camp kitchen.

With an umbrella attachment for the set up of this model, it would be hard to fault it from its initial qualities alone. Top that all off with its design that accommodates four people in its seats, and this table version is certainly propelled one level higher from your previous car camping experiences.

Its aluminum structure allows it to maintain its lightweight yet durable structure. However, this is likewise the same reason why it tends to buckle underneath the weight of certain people. Even with its strength, aluminum is still more malleable, making its legs and hinges one of its fragile points. As such, this puts the structure at risk whenever heavy use is performed at the most critical of moments.

A lot of care is necessary to maintain the viability of this table model for a longer camp time period. However, it does not take anything away though from the features that it initially hooks along – standing its ground as one of the best and a user-favorite table, nonetheless.

  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Accommodates more people
  • Size tolerance and sturdiness is immense
  • Integrated seat function and umbrella carrier
  • Aluminum slats for better air circulation
  • Relatively fragile legs
  • Laminated table top could get warped (hot drinks, cold drinks, hot pans)

2. TUTAVIAW Portable Foldable Camping Table with Seats 

TUTAVIAW Camping Table, Portable Foldable Camping Table with Seats Chairs and Umbrella Hole,...

If heavy-duty use and portable camping are your cup of tea, the TUTAVIAW Portable Folding Camping Table might just be the answer that you are looking for. The table itself is integrated with four individual wood-top seats.

With its table top composition, it is also even made more sturdy to provide a greater guarantee that the chair will be able to carry the weight of the person despite their size. The frame, however, is of aluminum construction – making for a hybrid portable camping table that incorporates both wood and modern lightweight choices (aluminum).

Furthermore, the hard top of the table itself boosts the strength of its surface upon exposure to degradants – everything that you would expect to touch a cook station or even a kitchen sink in various home settings. 

On the other hand, it has a little downside despite the outright top qualities that it is initially offering. To start, while it might seem smart to use wood to battle against harsh activities, it is not light (except for bamboo, perhaps) – amounting to a total weight of 19.8 pounds, daunting even with a carry case.

In addition to that, due to its aluminum frame, its table legs are still susceptible to folding, making for an aluminum table that is at risk if the bottom is targeted multiple times. The ease of setup somehow makes up for it, but certain care should still be employed within your cooking setups.

The verdict? Not so kind for the length that the next backpacker would usually take, but is still a great mountaineering dining table surface, nonetheless.

  • Extremely durable wood top and chairs
  • Portable camp size
  • No camp assembly required
  • Safe to use with a stove
  • Not ideal for campers who prefer light equipment
  • Size limit not specified

3. Camping Chair and Table Set From TKATPTGT

Camping Chair and Table 330 pounds Large Size Folding Table and Chair Set (5)

It might not be the first photo that pops into mind when talking about a review of a mountaineering dining table, but if you are looking for one camping table that resembles a conventional table for family dining, then the Camping Chair and Table Set from TKATPTGT could be the top option for you. 

It is composed of a table with a detachable and foldable table top and four different seats that are all covered with Oxford polyester that provides both comfort and durability – compatible with the top weight of most people.

The table top is made of aluminum alloy that allows it to be lightweight and portable for easy folding and compact clean-up. The composition of its legs and base is no different – enhanced with a marbled coating that makes the design stand out even more. Its set up is likewise a breeze due to the easy attachment of the table top to the adjustable table base, locking in place after three easy steps. 

The chairs, on one hand, are covered with Oxford polyester that maintains its taut composition well to provide a great cushion that could stand to test its durability with other metallic materials for camp tables. In addition to that, these chairs likewise have an extra side pocket that is not only waterproof but is also spacious to provide each member of your family their personal storage space inside. 

The table, however, will test heavily due to its non-integrative approach. The 3-part package weighs around 15.6lbs while the 5-part set weighs around 19.8 pounds – making for a heavy camping table even for plenty of well-built adults.

To resolve this, the dining table comes with its very own waterproof fabric blend storage bag that not only protects the compact table inside but also provides ideal storage bags to lessen the strain that the equipment is adding to your body on a certain length. 

Overall, the dining table veers away from the modern approach, but it still provides the necessary top qualities that should be present for camp tables. From its durability to its portability, it is still a must-consider dining table nonetheless, or you could even say that it is one of those “must compromise for” camp table that is simply so hard to pass on.

  • Waterproof carry bag and carry bag material for camp table
  • Sturdy yet comfortable and taut fabric
  • Personalized space
  • Extra storage space and compartments inside each seat
  • Easy camp set up
  • Extremely heavy weight
  • Design and colors might not be the cup of tea for many

4. AHB Portable Folding Picnic Table with 4 Chairs

AHB Folding Table Folding Camping Table Picnic Table Folding Picnic Table Camping Table, Portable...

Challenging the requirements that were set by previous products and components is the purpose of development – providing a camp table for Amazon that will surpass the review of yesterday.

The AHB Portable Folding Table is probably the one that came closest to this list – providing designs that did not only improve its portability but established various factors as well to make the camp table holistically performing like none other. 

The design itself is standardized, but it hides a staggering number of features underneath that portable chair and table. In terms of the product’s compact size and utility, the portable table can shrink its occupied space to not more than the size of a bag, making its portability suitable for cramped items where shelves are not necessarily viable.

It also comes with an anti-rust frame and legs that enhance its strength against rust – a degradant for the portable table even if it is in its compact unit. With the inclusion of polypropylene in the construction of its portable table top (slightly superior to polyethylene), it is also immune to warping caused by extreme conditions on the surface of the table itself. 

The legs, on one hand, contain anti-slip foot pads – providing high-quality stability akin to bamboo even in the most unstable or most rugged of dirt terrains, suitable for all types of necessity.With its massive limit that could accommodate adults of up to 770 pounds in weight, it certainly questions how something so light and compact can support such weight without as much of an effort. Oh, and with its easy-to-clean surface? This might just be one of the best camping tables that will give you the value that you were looking for in your favorite price range.

  • Compact size (like a bag)
  • Anti-slip foot pads included with the camping table for a bamboo-like stability
  • Massive size limit for durability
  • Anti-rust frame
  • Fragile hinges and legs
  • Relatively heavy for its choice of material for the legs and body

5. COLIBROX Folding Portable Double Chair w/Umbrella Table

COLIBROX Folding Portable Double Chair w/Umbrella Table Outdoor Cool Sport Camping Picnic

All camping tables under review can easily be associated with the conventional dining table set up – a relatively wide tabletop cook station combined with 2 to 4 chairs that are placed snuggly at their ends. However, the COLIBROX Folding Portable Double Chair only focuses on providing a simple 2-piece package that contains, well, 2 seats with a taut fabric covering and an all-encompassing umbrella.

Its list of specifications is not necessarily surprising or life-changing, but it sure has a set of aces in its playing cards. To start, it resembles a pair of vinyl patio furniture – giving you an idea as to what its first quirk is – comfort.

The fabric in these chairs is sufficient to carry up to 250 pounds of body weight, tautly fitting like bungee cords while still maintaining that strength that makes the seat springy without making it sink deeply like a cup. The fabric likewise stretches up the back to provide the same level of comfort and prevent any pressure buildup in your spinal area.

It has a little fabric-type table in the middle, but it is nothing special considering that it is mainly composed of fabric from top to bottom.

The frame dimensions of the seats, however, are hitting just the right notes in its height, room, and overall area. It is not too cramped, it has an optimized depth, and you will not feel too short as the height is just perfect to give your legs the rest that it needs.

With the addition of the massive umbrella, that familiar country club vibe is ever so achievable – providing just the right level of comfort for the price that it is currently stationed at. It might not be top-tier in the field of camping tables, but it sure does not waver as far as camping chairs are concerned.

  • Fabric does not sag and sink after repetitive use
  • Sturdy frame with ergonomic placement
  • Excellent balance in its dimensions and weight
  • Included umbrella has massive dimensions
  • The camping table aspect is lost
  • Preliminary information in its selling page is lacking

6. TOOCA Folding Table with 2 Chairs

The field of folding tables is starting to get repetitive in most camp tables. However, the TOOCA Folding Table successfully breaks through by offering a customizable yet stable folding table that you could use in nearly any environment imaginable.

To start, the design of the tables is sleek and minimalistic – containing no unnecessary cross-frame and only including a rectangular base. Even then, the table can withstand up to 300 pounds worth of weight, withstanding even the heaviest personal equipment that you may have.

What is even more surprising is that the legs of the table are composed of aluminum – a material infamous for its fragility yet lightweight composition. However, this does not seem like the case and the folding table is still able to tolerate a decent weight despite its aluminum composition.

To review the customizability of these tables, it is an adjustable folding table that has adjustable legs – available with 3 different height settings that backpackers could select from.

The differences are not significant for each, but this can still be relevant especially for those who dislike standardized heights and room that are less than ideal for a cooking station. To add more to its flexibility, it also folds into a compact cube – making it more suitable even for long treks or for a cook station where weight strain is a critical factor that campers need to consider. 

Overall, while these tables might not exactly be innovative or the best in their other aspects, it was still able to feature a new option that is often overlooked in various camping needs; folding tables made better if you will.

  • Adjustable folding table height (3 levels)
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight and compact storage
  • Sleek and minimalistic design
  • No need for a carry bag or any storage bag
  • Included seats at the end table have no back support
  • Plastic tabletop could warp if used as cooking tables (exposed to hot pots)

7. IBEQUEM Folding Picnic Table with 4 Seats

Folding Camping Table with Storage - Portable Outdoor Aluminum Picnic Tables with Organizer and 2...

If you are searching for that all-rounder utility table that provides you with just about anything that you could probably need from a camp table, then the IBEQUEM Folding Camp Table is probably the one for you. You could even think about it as more of a portable desk instead of a mere table due to its wide surface area, excellent utility, and immense versatility in practice.

The design is kept at just the standard rectangular structure with minimal cross-frame for support – striking users with a bit of an impression that the product is the real deal.

With such a set up, the utility table can provide a bit of a compartment underneath for cooking supplies storage (dishes, condiments, your cup, cooking accessories, paper towels) and leg extension. To further improve on this, the height of the table is likewise made adjustable to provide the users with the comfort level that is just right for them.

Upon assembly, you would also be surprised to know that the table, despite its lightweight composition and deceiving structure, could support weights of up to 300 pounds – covering a bit of every feature from being a camp table to even being a convertible camp table for your regular picnic adventures.

Top that all off with the inclusion of a large-capacity storage organizer underneath as well as a collapsible body, and it certainly provides the best of many worlds that it is often incomprehensible how it was combined into one camp kitchen table.

  • Adjustable legs and table leg height
  • Decent size, dimensions, and weight capacity
  • Sleek and minimalistic design as compared to other models
  • Range of purposes that it covers is just staggering (from camping to even BBQ picnics)
  • Large yet compact storage unit underneath
  • Included seats are not the most comfortable
  • Stability could be an issue due to the lack of frames for support

Buyer Guide & FAQs

What to Look For in a Camping Table or Chair

Purchases are extremely daunting, no matter what the price or the product is. As such, when it comes to camp tables, knowing how to distinguish between categories could help in determining the right starting point for you based on your needs, situation, and general preference.

collapsible chairs table and table cloth camping in nature

Dining Tables

The home dining table category is perhaps the biggest one there is – covering a lot of variables such as having a fabric top or hard top, different sizes, a variety of leg heights, and other qualities that would usually define the quality of a standard dining camp table. If you are looking for versatility and utility, then you would probably find the one for you and your meals under this category.

Side Tables

Side tables are more focused on the aspect of temporary setup – providing a minute space that you could use to place your things in. If you are still lacking the aspect of compact storage when it comes to your camp tables or camping gear in general, then you would probably find a few innovative options under this category.

Cooking Stations

First of all, a regular dinner camp table? Not the best cooking surface or food prep surface there is. Cooking stations are probably the specialized version of a few dining setups – altered in a way that it provides a lot of features that you would probably expect in a kitchen set up. From storage for food items to durability, these cook station tables are the leading options in these areas for food handling. 

Key Points for Consideration Before Buying

best folding camping table and chairs set in the sunrise in brittany

Ease of Setup and Use

For camping activities, the first thing that should always come to mind is utility. With your equipment, everything from its setup to clean up should be as convenient as possible to make your experience in your campsites or picnics more tolerable than most. Do yourself a favor and make everything easier for you and everyone else.

Portability and Convenience

Much like how ease of setup is necessary to give you the perfect outdoors experience in your campgrounds or picnics, you should also ensure that hiking towards the site will likewise be manageable for you. Choose materials that are lightweight, easy to carry, and compact to avoid any hassle during the initial or returning hiking trip.


This is pretty much self-explanatory for many: do not settle for substandard and flimsy options. Your budget should never be used to justify the purchasing of poor-quality products as there are plenty of excellent budget options in the market. 

Lifetime Warranty

Camping gears are heavy with their price tag, and that is an irrefutable fact. As such, if you are investing money in your safety, a lifetime (the best one) or even just a month-long warranty is useful to guarantee that you get the exact value for your money. Some products offer a lifetime warranty, others do not, but it all depends on the warranty policy of the company itself. 

Consumer Reviews

With the vagueness of information in online shops, reading the consumer reviews or other camping table reviews could help in providing you with a group of information (or even a photo or two) apart from the price tag that you could use to ground the decision of what will suit your circumstances best. 


How do you avoid damaging the hinges of an aluminum frame?

The key is in making sure that the table is firmly planted on the ground and is not leaning into any one of its legs. The moment the stability of the ground shifts, the shifted weight and misplaced stability will bend the hinges.

How do you extend the table height for customizable tables?

The height options are completely dependent on the product itself – with some using pins and some using adjustable buttons that you could use to lock the current height in place.

What tabletop material is safe enough to withstand the heat of a camping stove?

Most metal-based table tops have sufficient heat resistance to allow the use of camping stoves, but there are also other plastic materials in popular cook station options that are heat resistant.

How long do warranties usually last for such products?

The warranty terms of a product rely on the terms of the company itself. Some cover up to 1 year of coverage, some provide a lifetime warranty and some only offer coverage for up to a few months.

When looking at weight ratings, is it for the bench or the table in the case of integrated sets?

The best manufacturers would usually define the corresponding part that received the weight rating. Try contacting their customer service in cases where the information provided is vague at best.

Final Thoughts

Camping equipment sure has gone a long way – establishing integration that just boosts the overall worth of purchasing such items. While each gear might have its perks and quirks, they still provide the same benchmark values that have been, and will always have been, the quality to seek after in any product imaginable – comfort, reliability, and utility.

In the interest of providing a great starting pick, the IBEQUEM Folding Picnic Table arguably establishes its superiority with its professional design, durability, and extreme utility that makes it suitable for nearly any environment imaginable.

With its portability on top of its customizability, it certainly claims the best of multiple worlds in such sleek items that just screams “value” for what you spent.

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