Anupamaa created update August 4: Kavya takes a stand for Anupamaa scolds partner Vanraj for how he treated his ex-wife

In the latest episodes, Pakhi not only belittled Anupamaa but also broke her heart with her insults. She also insulted Anuj and Kinjal, and hurt Hasmukh with her steps. In this episode of Anupamaa, she repents her conduct, and wishes to apologise, but Vanraj stops her from doing it for his personal ulterior motives. Browse the report to know the complete story. Also Go through| Anupamaa recap: Hasmukh scolds Vanraj and Pakhi for disrespecting Anupamaa

Kavya lashes out at Pakhi

Anupamaa has left, and Hasmukh has currently expressed his anger and disappointment in his spouse and children. Kavya and Kinjal also lash out at Pakhi in the hottest episode. Kavya said Pakhi was egocentric, pathetic, and disgraceful for hating a mother who has finished all the things for her profit. Kinjal also reminds Toshu how Anupamaa constantly stood guiding him even at his worst time and these days he discarded all her hard perform. Toshu and Pakhi stand ashamed.

Kavya and Kinjal also inform Pakhi and Toshu that even if they get into any challenge today, the first matter they will do is get in touch with Anupamaa, but this time she won’t arrive. Pakhi operates absent crying at this, right after which Kavya also lashes out at Vanraj for the way in which he dealt with his ex-spouse. She tells the Shah family that she will fulfill all her obligations and take care of all people but she won’t let any one disrespect the way they did Anupamaa.

Anupamaa feels far better

Though the Shah family is in despair, Anupamaa is hoping to take pleasure in her new lifetime with Anuj and Anu. Anuj afterwards discusses the current incidents at the Shah home with Anupamaa. They both of those make a decision to never ever return back again except there is an crisis. Later, Anupamaa overhears Sara expressing her admiration towards her. Anuj and Anupamaa experience elated to have Anu and Sara with them, and fail to remember about the relaxation of the issues for a when.

Pakhi regrets her actions

Again in the Shah dwelling, Pakhi breaks out as she remembers her hurtful steps toward her mother. She cries for Anupamaa, and blames herself for pushing her mom absent from her. Vanraj finds her crying and comforts her as she expresses her regret. She desires to apologise to Anupamaa but Vanraj discourages her for the reason that he doesn’t want the Kapadias to return to his dwelling owing to his very own insecurities.

In the upcoming episodes, a thing horrible is expected to transpire that can change Anupamaa’s existence permanently. A great deal additional drama and amusement are expected in the clearly show. Keep tuned to HT highlights to remain updated.

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