Anupamaa penned update July 26: Vanraj makes drama at Anupamaa’s house more than Pakhi and Adhik’s connection

In the hottest episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi gets the purpose for yet another combat involving Anupamaa and her ex-spouse Vanraj. Just after Barkha and Adhik’s manipulation, Pakhi is persuaded that she should stay with them, but Vanraj will not enable it take place. Go through this post to know the total tale.

Vanraj arrives to the Kapadia house

Immediately after coming again, Adhik promptly informs all people about Vanraj’s weird reaction when he tells him that Pakhi is being with them. Anupamaa and Anuj get stunned soon after discovering that Adhik went to converse to Vanraj. They keep on being even additional stunned after obtaining out that Vanraj despatched Adhik back with out saying anything at all. Turns out, Vanraj needed to tell him his determination himself and so he barges into the Kapadia home the up coming second.

The natural way, he is not quite delighted with Pakhi’s conclusion to arrive to Anupamaa’s home without informing him and even much more outrageously sending Adhik to get her clothing. He blames it on Anupamaa though she tells him that she did not contact Pakhi. Very little Anu gets anxious observing the grownups offended so Anuj sends him in. Barkha tries to meddle with Anupamaa’s family members by arguing with Vanraj on behalf of Pakhi. Anupamaa and Anuj request her to stay out of the make a difference. Retain reading through to come across out if Vanraj gets thriving in having Pakhi back or her obstinacy wins this time.

Pakhi blames Anupamaa

Immediately after a prolonged and loud altercation, Anupamaa asks her to leave but she doesn’t listen to her. Vanraj blames Anupamaa for placing up a incorrect instance in front of Pakhi. He factors that it is her daring decisions that is earning Pakhi be this rebellious. In change, Anupamaa also reminds him of his affair and how that would have been a poor illustration for their young children.

Pakhi shouts at them and blames them both equally for being lousy moms and dads. She tells them how they should really believe in her and not believe of every thing undesirable when it arrives to her life. Vanraj presents her an ultimatum that if she does not arrive with her, he will never ever permit her occur to his residence. Anupamaa also asks Pakhi to depart instantly. Pakhi finally goes with Vanraj but prior to she leaves, she accuses Anupamaa of abandoning her because of her other daughter. Anupamaa feels helpless Anuj tries to convenience her.

Back again at the Shah dwelling, Pakhi generates a lot more drama after her return. Hasmukh attempts to quiet everybody down, but Pakhi’s anger is over and above any tranquil and Leela is fuming even extra. Amidst all this drama, Anupamaa worries how she will control to maintain all her children with each other. On the other hand, Barkha designs to induce more troubles among her and Anuj.

In the future episode, Anupama’s panic of shedding her relatives will get more powerful and she will locate herself at crossroads in between her two people. Keep examining HT highlights for far more composed updates from your favourite display, Anupamaa.

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