Anupamaa prepared update July 25: Vanraj goes to carry Pakhi again from Kapadia dwelling

In the most up-to-date episode of Anupamaa, the two Anuj and Anupamaa get concerned about Pakhi and her infatuation toward Adhik. Vanraj learns that Pakhi is in the Kapadia dwelling and he rushes to bring Pakhi back. Examine this article to know additional. (Also Read | Anupamaa written update July 23)

Anuj enjoys high quality time with Anu

In the preceding episode, we observed how Barkha attempts to manipulate Pakhi, producing her continue to be with them. Anuj also could not deny her want. In this episode, we will see Barkha and Adhik takes advantage of Pakhi’s innocence to make troubles in Anupamaa’s everyday living. Barkha attempts to come near to Pakhi. Adhik goes again to the Shah dwelling to bring Pakhi’s clothing. Anuj spends some high quality time with his daughter Anu. She dresses him up and he tears up looking at his daughter savoring it. Anupamaa notices the two of them playing and joins them. Anu serves them all fake foodstuff and drinks.

Afterwards, Anu tells Anuj about the preceding incidents of the day when she virtually received into an incident. Anuj gets angry at Anupamaa for not having care of Anu but she stops him from blaming Anupamaa and Anuj quickly realises his fault. He also asks Anupamaa to hold Anu absent from Vanraj’s negativity. Minor does he know that the far more he is trying to continue to be absent from Vanraj, the more Barkha and Adhik are heading to convey him closer to their life to produce problems for him.

Adhik confronts Vanraj

Anupamaa shares her problems about Pakhi with Anuj. She also tells Anuj what Barkha is hoping to reach with Pakhi. Anuj advises her to consolation Pakhi and have faith in her so she doesn’t get any ways in anger. Anupamaa leaves to devote some time with Pakhi, who remains distant from her. Anupamaa tries to make her fully grasp why she just can’t continue to be with them for the night time, but Barkha continues to interrupt. Adhik comes at the Shah dwelling to consider Pakhi’s stuff. When Kavya packs her bag, Vanraj finds out about the reality. He confronts Adhik and asks him to leave.

Afterwards, he will get offended at Kavya for letting Pakhi stay with the Kapadias. Kavya argues that it is her mother’s house and Pakhi has the right to stay with them. Leela convinces Vanraj to go and carry Pakhi again. Vanraj leaves angrily.

In the future episode, we will see Vanraj’s outrage in Anupamaa’s house, following which Anupamaa will be pressured to send Pakhi with her. Pakhi will mature resentment toward her mom for neglecting her because of Anu. Preserve looking at this space for far more updates.

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