Archival Boxes – More Than Just Document Storage Packaging

Keeping the important things safe from getting destroyed or thrown away, calls for a storage box that steps up to complete the task. Multiple types of boxes can be categorized as archival boxes but the most famous box type is a classic shoebox. It has a comfortable space for the products to be kept in an organized manner. Mostly these boxes are made out of refined or recyclable cardboard which makes it less heavy than it should be. Despite being light in weight, these containers never fail to carry heavy objects and prove useful for long time storage purposes. Either hand cut-outs or handles are used as a facility to carry the boxes around. The usefulness of these packages can be estimated by their size and shape which proves beneficial in a lot of circumstances. As much as these it is important to store the documents, certain other things also require direct attention in terms of safety.


It takes a lot of effort, determination, time, money, and passion to collect things one finds interesting. Once the collection is complete or even if it is halfway through, there is a need to keep the collected things away from unwanted situations. As the size of the box can change according to need, it is possible to store any kind of object in it. People collect things that range from postcard stamps to huge rocks and everything or anything else. These collectibles are prized possessions which can be displayed at need and no one would like to see their items eat dust. That is where these archive storage boxes come in handy.


Memories need to be preserved in every form possible. Today, as everything is digitized, the importance of photographs is highlighted even more. Printed pictures can be organized in the albums according to categorization thus making is a strenuous task to protect those huge albums. The large size of these archival boxes makes up a lot of room for the albums to be kept safe from water, dust, or the hands of naughty children. As these containers can be carried around without a fuss and they are also not bad to look at, they can be placed where it is possible to access them easily.

CD/DVD box

Cardboard archival boxes become a home for keeping the fragile disks. Collection of movies, video games, software, music, or documentaries can be hidden from the particles that are on the lookout to attack the disk surface. And as cardboard is used as a material for production, it gets easier to customize the box according to need. Even though the use of compact disks and digital versatile disks has been minimized but the storage of the available products needs to be harm free. Not only are these boxes good for protecting the items, but they can also be used to display the disks on the shelves in a room or at the store.


Big stores use archival boxes to lay down layers and layers of clothes so that they can be tucked away safely while they are not being displayed. The shipment of clothes, fabric, and all textiles items becomes hassle-free with the use of these boxes. The handles or cut-outs on the box bring in the opportunity of carrying the box from storage facility to the display area with ease and comfort. At homes, cupboards can be managed by the use of these helpers as clothes can be put in the box and the box can be stored in any corner of the closet.


Big painting, sceneries, sketches, and other artwork needs to be kept at a clean place. As the paint is easily destroyable by the rough particles roaming in the air, the use of these boxes protects them at all costs. Along with the masterpieces, the tools that are used for making them can also be adjusted easily in the box. Art enthusiasts and galleries use this type of box regularly due to their storage capacity. It is also a work of mere seconds to take off the lid and get hold of the item on the inside.

Apart from all the storage purposes mentioned, it can be argued that an archive box can be used for retail purposes, shipment, and containing other boxes. This is the type of box that is mostly used while shifting material from one place to another, therefore, it makes its mark as more than a storage box.

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