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Reasons why OEMs should invest in an asset management system?

As the OEM businesses are rising today, more and more asset management systems are being invented. Thanks to these automated asset management systems, you can not just track all your assets but also grow your business without worrying about the work chaos. These asset management systems are automated and can help you at every stage of business. Right from asset management, inspection, to calculating the asset valuation, these asset management systems are quite helpful to operate business smoothly. Below, we are going to list all the benefits that come along with investing in an asset management system like Aspen Field Services. 

Benefits of asset management systems You must know about if you are running an OEM business. 

There are certain benefits of asset management systems that you will be amazed to know. These reasons include – proper and automated asset maintenance, inspection or evaluation, and asset valuation.

  1. Asset Maintenance 

The first thing these automated asset management tools can help you with is to maintain the assets you own. With this tracker, you can get all the information about which assets are in line to rent and which ones are already rented. In addition to this, the tool will also let you know which of the assets need to go out for maintenance. So, clearly, with these tools, you can easily keep a track of all your assets. 

  1. Asset Inspection 

Another thing that these automated asset management tools can help you with is to carry out the complete asset inspection for any wear and tear. Once the asset is back, it needs to be inspected for any damage. These automated tools help you there. With this, you can generate a complete report on the health of the asset including the cost that took to repair your asset in case of any damage. So, with these systems, you won’t have to wait for weeks to get the complete report on asset inspection. 

  1. Asset Valuation 

The next thing that this tool can help you with is to find out the right value of your asset. Using an asset management system like Aspen Field Services you can determine the right cost at which you can rent your equipment or asset. Along with this, these tools will also list your asset on different marketing platforms to get the best result out. So, if you are running an OEM business, investing in the asset management system is definitely a good idea. 


We hope that you understand now why more and more OEMs are investing in asset management systems. Luckily, there are several of these asset management systems available in the market for picking. One such tool is Aspen Field Services. Using this system, you can not just maintain and manage your assets, but can also promote your business and grow it to the highest of its potential. With asset maintenance, evaluation, and valuation carried out by the asset management software, you can fearlessly grow your OEM business without any worries.

Benefits of generator rental services

Benefits of generator rental services you must know about?

Generators are among the most essential part of running a business. We all know that a regular power supply is prudent for the smooth operation of any business. Irrespective of what kind of business you are in, we believe it needs electricity. Having a good power backup is, therefore, a basic necessity. We understand how it might be difficult for some businesses to afford a generator, considering how expensive they are. This is where generator rental services come into play. Thanks to these generator rentals, any business can now afford a decent power backup system for your business. Besides the obvious advantage of getting a power backup, there are several other benefits that also come along. In this article, we are going to share with you all these advantages of opting for a generator rental service.

Advantages of generator rental services 

There are many companies that nowadays have opted for the option of renting a generator rather than buying one. Here are some of the reasons why –

  1. No maintenance cost 
  2. Flexibility depending on the need 
  3. Field services 

These are some of the benefits that often push businesses to rent a generator today. Let’s dive into each of these advantages one by one. 

  1. No maintenance cost 

Buying a generator will lead you to several other maintenance expenditures. If you buy a generator, you will have to spare money to maintain it on the regular basis. Remember, it is not just the buying cost you should worry about while considering buying a generator. On the contrary, with generator rental services, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance cost at all. In fact, it is mostly the responsibility of the renting company to take care of the generator. 

  1. Flexibility depending on the need 

There are some businesses who need a generator on the occasional basis depending on the project they are working on or temporary power outage. In situations like these renting a generator is the best option for you. Imagine if you have to spend thousands of dollars to buy a generator for a single project you are working for or for a temporary power glitch. It will be a pointless and complete waste of money. This is where generator rental services come in handy. 

  1. Field services 

Mostly all generator rental companies provide customers with doorstep support in case of any emergency or issue. These companies often have technicians working round the clock to make sure that you get the generator installed in no time. In addition to this, they also make sure that new power is also compliant with all the local noise regulations, and emission standards of the area you are operating your business from. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the benefits of going for generator rental services over buying one. We hope by now you know why most businesses prefer going for the option of renting a generator. There are several companies like Idaho Equipment Rentals that offer generator rental services.