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How does temperature affect the quality of your sleep?

Are you twisting and turning the whole night to find the right position to sleep. You get confused about whether to take the covers on or kick them fully or partially off your body. You end up trying every permutation and combination but still don’t conclude one. Yes, everyone has been there. When you decide to sleep anyways even in that uncomfortable environment, 90% of the battle is lost. 


You might have not realized it yet but restlessness for an endless night is a result of not having an appropriate temperature in your bed. The body has to make some efforts on its own to adjust to the external temperature which is neither optimal and nor prescribed by experts. What’s the point of resting and working hard at the same time?


But, have you heard about king size electric blanket. When there is no electrical support, the external temperatures overshadow and so your body to switch between sweating and shivering. It all happens on the same night. Your body is forced to adjust to room temperature even if these senses are impaired. 


What’s the most appropriate temperature to spend the whole night in?


When you go through expert sources, the best temperature will turn out to be 60 to 65 degree Fahrenheit. But it further depends upon your partner’s sleeping preferences. If both of you prefer to use blankets more intensively, set the temperature to a cooler side and vice versa. Don’t make a big difference in setting a temperature, but a mere adjusting 2-3 degrees is enough in order to sleep more easily. The best-heated blanket temperatures is when it adjusts to the extreme temperatures of the body. Your body is the coldest just before waking up which is why the temperature at night and in the morning can be a bit different. 


How do you keep a body under appropriate temperature?


Temperature is the best player in deciding whether you will sleep comfortably at night or not. Bathing right before sleeping could help you sleep just right. The bath speeds up the process of cooling down the body which further helps in a sound sleep. 


Try something new with what to wear at night as it is another major determinant. The layers on your bed also need to be comfortable similar to the nightwear. Put your air conditioner on a timer to cooperate with the outside temperature as it constantly drops until morning. Conduct research for the best electric blanket for adjusting those temperatures as and when required distinctively for the both of you even if you sleep in the same bed. 


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