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England Adjustments Law on Burning Soaked Wood and Coal

England Adjustments Law on Burning Soaked Wood and Coal

Ideally we won’t need to be thinking of getting fires for a lot longer this yr, but did you know that the legal guidelines have modified above the burning of wooden?

In England new limitations on burning coal and wooden necessarily mean that anybody with a stove or open fire need to burn up cleaner solutions. These kinds of heating produce smaller air pollution particles which can enter the bloodstream to lodge in organs of the overall body, and they are now the biggest supply of these particles which are the most damaging to wellbeing in the British isles.

You can read through more about the govt data here.

Cut log pile

Suppliers can only provide wooden gas in volumes of significantly less than 2 cubic metres if it is accredited as “Ready to Burn”. This confirms it has a moisture content material of 20% or fewer. This applies to firewood and wood briquettes.

Suppliers of volumes larger than 2m cubed of moist wooden, also called inexperienced wood or unseasoned wooden, has to be sold with tips on how to dry it prior to burning, and purchasers need to observe these suggestions or possibility fines.

Makers of sound fuels require to display their goods have a quite reduced sulphur content material and only emit a tiny volume of smoke.

What is Wet Firewood?

Damp wood was generally offered in nets and was less costly to obtain, but it includes humidity which, when burned, results in extra smoke and damaging particles of air air pollution (PM2.5) than dry wooden.

Damp wood can also lead to much more destruction chimneys by allowing tar and soot to make up.

Dry or seasoned wood, frequently known as kiln-dried wood has a dampness material of 20% or less. If bought in smaller sized quantities (a lot less than 2 M cubed) then it should really show the Completely ready to Burn up emblem, certification selection and provider or producer facts to comply with the new polices.

Fines for sellers

If you promote logs and firewood you could be fined if:

  • You offer unauthorised gas
  • You have saved fuel so it has a humidity content material of much more than 20%
  • The gasoline does not have the “Ready to Burn” symbol or is not labelled appropriately

Fines could require a £300 fastened penalty fine issued by the neighborhood authority or even a lot more than £300 dependent on the severity of the offence issued by the courts.

At this time these restrictions do not go over Wales or Scotland, but they are also considering similar improvements to the regulation.

Regulations on Coal and “Smokeless” Fuels

All suppliers, distributors and retailers can go on to promote these “smokeless” fuels:

  • anthracite coal
  • semi-anthracite coal
  • lower risky steam coal

Only registered coal retailers who are users of the Authorised Coal Merchants scheme can lawfully sell standard house coal (also acknowledged as bituminous coal) in England from 1 May possibly 2021 up to 30 April 2023. Income of standard household coal for use in residences will be unlawful in England from 1 May possibly 2023.

Regular household coal will have to be marketed unfastened or in unsealed luggage instantly to the purchaser. It is now illegal to offer bagged coal.

Standard household coal is not authorised for use in smoke command spots in England except it is applied in an appropriate exempt appliance.

This marks the latest phase in the government’s Clean Air Technique, says ecosystem minister Rebecca Pow.

Burning cleaner fuels is a much more economical option for households throughout England, helping cut down our publicity to this exceptionally damaging pollutant and benefitting the setting

The go was welcomed by Harriet Edwards, the senior air good quality policy adviser for Asthma Uk and the British Lung Basis, who warned that air pollution is especially damaging to folks with lung conditions these as bronchial asthma or continual obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

It can place them at threat of struggling possibly lifetime-threatening asthma assaults or flare-up

Other lung industry experts imagine that it is only a make any difference of time right before all log burners and other fires are banned in built-up areas.

Reprap development and further adventures in DIY 3D printing: 2020 Year in review

Reprap development and further adventures in DIY 3D printing: 2020 Year in review

Hello Everyone,

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone.  I almost didn’t write this blog post, but I wanted to finish off 2020, looking forward to a better 2021.

With the global virus pandemic causing troubles and uncertainty we all have less time to do the things we enjoy. This year has certainly been a strong reminder to us all, to try and enjoy as much of life as possible.

I have kept 3D Printing during all of 2020, but have not managed to share as much as I would have liked. 

I started off 2020 firmly intending to do a lot more 3D Printing development, life and the global virus somewhat got in the way of many plans. We had a lot of 3D printing events cancelled and social meet-ups have been impossible.

Here is a little summary of a few things I have designed and printed and a some general thoughts on the 3D Printing market, open source projects and interesting things that have happened in 2020. And finally a look to 2021.

Retro inspired concept computer – 

Some of you will know that along with a strong passion for 3D printing, I have a love of retro computers and ‘old’ game systems, it’s an ongoing interest that pre-dates 3D printing and something that I still enjoy and do to this day. One of my early 2020 projects was a reimagining of a 3D Printed classic computer, loosely based on the Amiga and C64 range of the 80’s and 90’s.

The ‘C=Next’ concept computer (using a real Amiga A500+ Keyboard) Yes, it is 24 Inches wide!

This was a large multi-part print, three large sections for the main keyboard and some end caps for the I/O on each side of the computer.

I had an old A500+ computer that died a death from an internal leaking battery (I know, it’s tragic this was not better stored or should have had the Varta battery removed long ago) – But it did allow a donor keyboard for the new machine.


Yes, the logo is colour changing 🙂

This has further evolved over the year, it probably deserves a blog post of it’s own, if you want to see more on this project and the evolution of the internal electronics inside, let me know.

3D printed electronics and enclosures – 

Ok, so it’s not ‘3d printed electronics’ but I have printed out around 15 different PCB models to help verify they can mechanically fit, and assist with the design of many electronics enclosures this year.

Even basic enclosures can be simple to 3D print and give a ‘finished’ look to a prototype.

I can highly recommend using brass threaded inserts when designing any sort of enclosure you intend to open up or fit together accurately. A temperature controlled soldering iron can assist with inserting into a pre-printed post as shown above.

3D printed test and programming fixtures are now a common design for any new prototype electronics or product developments. They are simple to print and build and can easily save you thousands in the cost of getting something ‘professionally’ made. I have made up a lot of different 3D printed rigs and jigs this year.

Brackets, mounts and almost anything that needs a place to accurately fir into a system or development – I loose count of all the mounting plates, adapters and holders I have printed this year. pre-production runs of 3D printed parts is now a common aspect of product design and development.

3D printed pond filter system – 

During the UK summer lockdown I decided to upgrade the pond filter system. I could not get out to any shops and I didn’t want to order a system online, so I decided to try and make a pond filter system from a plastic box, some unused pond filter sponges and some 3D printed parts.

I decided to add a little shelf so the clean filtered pond water could exit the box as a waterfall.

I already had a good working pond pump, so this entry (above) was the dirty water inlet.

Some sponge filters I had from an old pond filter that died many years back.

Filters cut to size and inserted into the enclosure along with some gravel for added weight.

The pond filter has been working really well all of the year.

Lots of practical 3D printing this year – 

A quick (and solid) design and 3D print later, we had two new desk mounting clamps for the TV.

Mounted and fixed to the desk, it’s going nowhere.

I could go on with more practical 3D prints this year, but you get the idea – a lot of things were fixed, repaired and produced with 3D printing this year. I doubt more than a day went past when I was not 3D printing something for someone or for myself.

The end of 2020…

The 3D printed Advent calendar’s come out every year, they still are a great talking point both for 3D printing and the vast selection of different materials used.

If you want to see all the Advent calendar days printed, start at Day 1 here and on my original blog post series from 2017

Many of my past projects and experiments are still active in one way or another today, people continue to innovate and evolve ideas. Even as we enter 2021, 3D printing is still in it’s ‘early stages’ of being useful to the ‘average person’. When you start using 3D printing to solve every day problems, and turn design ideas into practical printing solutions it’s a wonderful tool. 

We have seen some really great OpenSource and OpenInnovation 3D printing projects this year. I plan to cover these in 2021 and also get further involved with as many as possible.

Things I would like to see more of and help with in 2021 – Please reach out to me if you are doing or planning any of these, I will try to help if I can. (Most of the links below are to my past blog posts doing similar things).

  • The continued increase and use of sustainable (multi-use) filament spools / Cardboard and MasterSpool filament coils.
  • More recycled plastic content in 3D Printing – both as recycled filament materials and as re-used print waste. Recycling filament plastic (2015)
  • Greater development of direct pellet extrusion systems and materials for desktop and industrial 3D printers. – Here is one of my early Pellet extruder experiments from 2014
  • More tool-changing systems – additive and subtractive – manufacturing systems, continuous printing (belt-printers) and automatic build platform change systems.
  • I would still like to see many more light weight extruder+hot-end systems, ideally around 200g total weight. I see a lot of bowden based extruder systems that could/should benefit from a good quality, light and strong direct-drive-geared extruder and hot-end combination. Especially on machine using IDEX, they could be greatly improved with a move away from bowden to a light weight direct extrusion system, maybe 2021 will bring more to market.
  • I’m always looking for interesting 3D Printing filament materials, especially engineering grade or ones that that are matched to classic computer colours. A few have popped up during 2020 Printed Solid over on Twitter has a range of Retro computer filament colours
  • I’m still incredibly interested in paste extrusion, coupled with a tool-change system and some FDM printing it could offer a lot of good options for manufacturing and making.

See you next time, and if you have a new and interesting 3D printing project, development or material you want me to take a look at, do get in contact.

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season, and Happy New Year for 2021


P.S – If you haven’t yet found the joys of Podcast’s, do consider giving them a go. I can strongly say that without Podcasts in my life, 2020 would have been 10x harder to ‘experience’.

Please join me on Twitter @RichRap3D if you want to discuss more about 3D printing (or retro computing).
My Youtube channel is here, all 3D Printing and Hi-Def video content, I do hope to get back to publishing new video content in 2021.

Thanks for reading.

‘Eclectic Traditions’. Styling a development with IKEA.

‘Eclectic Traditions’. Styling a development with IKEA.

This is a compensated partnership with IKEA.

They say that a change is as great as a getaway, so considering the fact that 2020 has been devoid of leisurely adventure, a change it is. It does not take a lot to convince me to revamp a area, so when IKEA bought in touch and questioned me to model up their Eclectic Traditions pattern in our dwelling, I took this as the perfect possibility to have a minimal refresh of our bed room.

Can you consider that it has been two a long time considering the fact that I redecorated the bedroom for Revamp, Restyle, Reveal? Time flies when you are renovating a total house. Regularly. On a loop.

Whilst we preferred a change, we didn’t want to undertake a full overhaul as we still love the crucial features of the place. The bed and wardrobe have been charity shop finds, bought for the reason that we beloved them. The bedside table was produced from an aged desk top that I discovered in the lose when we moved in… I resolved to make a matching one particular for the other aspect, just for this venture. See how I make work escalate?

These crucial parts would type the fantastic base for the Eclectic Traditions craze, which is primarily based in nostalgia and embracing sustainability.

Developing an setting that brings together secondhand elements with modern day-day items, this pattern is about appreciating the past for its heritage, all the whilst investing in good quality solutions to produce a home in which recollections are built and will final a lifetime.

Eclectic Traditions is so DesignSixtyNine that it just about pains me to get in touch with it a development. THIS IS HOW WE Should ALL Dwell, Without end!

Styling the Craze

Each time I shop for our residence, I’m often on the lookout for common pieces that will stand the test of time. Be it furnishings or equipment, it’s vital to me to ‘invest’ in type, alternatively than into throwaway fads. As you’ll already know if you’re a website follower, IKEA has extended been a go-to for me for affordable design. Not only for the most agreeable rate-tags but for the timeless type that IKEA products offer. If I’m shopping for a thing, I want to really like it and have it for good. I’m odd like that.

With the keyword ‘classic’ in brain I chose a combine of classic, conventional and contemporary products to provide my eyesight of Eclectic Traditions to existence.

eclectic traditions Bedroom makeover

The primary focal issue of the space has not adjusted the gallery wall. Vintage finds and own artworks have been shown in both of those charity store and IKEA frames. Test out the HOVSTA and LOMVIKEN frames for a slender, tasteful way to exhibit your artwork. Mixing up your frame design allows to keep the search informal and adds to the eclectic sense.

Although I wished to embrace the eclectic design and style, I also felt that I desired to produce some stability in the home. An simple way to do this is by pairing cushions on the bed. Here, I went for the oversized SANELA cushion cover in typical Olive velvet, with the hanging Black and white striped SNOEFRID cushion to include pattern and distinction. Introducing potent symmetry on the bed assists to equilibrium the asymmetry of the gallery wall.

IKEA A/W 20 Trend

Introducing texture and sample is important to nailing the glance of the Eclectic Traditions craze. I’m not a huge supporter of greatly clashing pattern personally, so opted for easy stripes and spots. The toss more than the foot of the bed is in actuality the DEKORERA tablecloth. A ideal option if you want to increase light levels and it’s the best sizing for the finish of a king dimension bed. The sample provides a up to date twist to what would if not be a classic mattress styling.

Even more texture has been additional with these ANILINARE wicker storage bins. Not only useful storage but stunning display screen pieces in their have appropriate. I really like these so significantly. As they have been made by hand by proficient craftspeople, no two are exactly the identical.

Eclectic tradition trend

Texture has been carried around to the seating region of the bed room, the place our RADVIKEN armchair (from a prior IKEA collaboration) creates a super-comfy corner. The HEDDAMARIA cushion in organic stripe is a charming contrast with the dark rattan and stops this corner wanting far too hefty. To mild this darkish corner, I couldn’t resist slipping in my Diy IKEA lamp. It seems to be good in below, even if I do say so myself. You can verify out how I produced it here.

IKEA A/W20 Trend

On the subject matter of lights, how astounding is this EVEDAL desk lamp? The combine of gray glass, black marble and brushed brass detailing is the epitome of luxury… and the smooth movement of the dimmer lever is ridiculously pleasing. This form of depth can make me so delighted.

evedal table lamp

In contrast, the simplicity of the FADO table lamp, is equally pleasing. This is a piece that would glimpse excellent everywhere, in any location. I’ve styled it with the DEKORERA vase and FULLTALIG candle sticks.

3 Top Ideas to Recreate the Eclectic Traditions Pattern

  • Blend classic and modern to create a balanced design that incorporates the traditions of the previous with present day layout. The new DEKORERA assortment has heaps of attractive components to enable you on your way. Conventional craftsmanship should sit together with extravagant luxury.
  • Texture and sample play an significant aspect in building a productively eclectic plan. Mix and layer equally for a rich and inviting house.
  • Invest in excellent, timeless pieces for a property that will see you via the yrs. Remember: Eclectic Traditions really should be a lifestyle… not a trend.
eclectic traditions

Head to IKEA United kingdom to shop the AW20 Eclectic Traditions trend

Compact But Mighty Business: Wooden Flamingo

Compact But Mighty Business: Wooden Flamingo


“Small But Mighty Business” is all about celebrating tiny United kingdom business people who definitely are worthy of to be on your radar. The international pandemic has strike the unbiased sector tricky, and if we want to see it prosper, it wants our investment. Each 7 days I’ll be showcasing an awesome biz presenting bold and gorgeous homewares, which I assume you will enjoy as considerably as I do. Don’t neglect to sign up to the newsletter if you’d like the most recent features direct to your inbox! This week, we’re discovering Picket Flamingo.

What is Wooden Flamingo?

Wood Flamingo is the guise employed by Sophie Carter, a mum of two, artist, colour fanatic and painter of retro cassette tapes. Originally setting up off her very own business by marketing wedding ceremony signals, Sophie moved into picket creations ahead of locating her niche in pattern-orientated art with the retro tapes standing out for her to place her stamp on.

Retro interiors with old cassette tapes

For me, like so many millenials and older, cassette tapes maintain these types of a potent feeling of nostalgia. No matter if it was from recording our favorite music on the radio, adverts and all (because that was the only way to listen to your tracks all those people several years in the past), or no matter if you just have fond reminiscences of racing with your siblings as to who could manually rewind the tape back again more quickly, they are a part of heritage with sentiment. As these generations now seem for new means to make our residence one of a kind, Sophie’s custom made tapes really aid convey to a story.

But sentiment aside, let us not neglect that when systems come to be redundant, in which are they to go?

“The cassette tape experiment arrived about even though I was pregnant with my 2nd baby,” stated Sophie.

“I bought overly psychological when I observed a charity shop throwing tapes absent due to the fact they just weren’t needed any longer in today’s world. It broke my heart. I determined to give them some new lifestyle, randomly submitting them 1 day on my Instagram and, nicely, the relaxation is history genuinely.”

Sophie genuinely does have a expertise for using your idea and playing with it, until finally you have a little something genuinely one of a kind to enhance with. I requested Sophie for some memphis-impressed tapes in my home’s signature palette of pinks, blues and yellows, with the below the stop end result. I assume they are retro gold, and I’m energized to dish them close to my dwelling.

Retro interiors with old cassette tapes

Let’s discuss store! What Wooden Flamingo products and solutions ought to we be excited about?

Sophie could be the superhero of tapes, rescuing them from a drab and wasteful afterlife, but this is not her only super ability she is an artist at coronary heart, and even though some may well choose to use these custom tapes as a form of decor, as I am, it’s also a enthusiasm undertaking.

Sophie has coated weekly themes on her tapes, generally masking fruits, films, and characters, drawn on to her tapes. It is as if she is curating her quite very own art exhibition with dis-made use of products as her canvas for experimentation and expression.

“My personalized tapes are actually preferred,” Sophie tells me.

“Trying to generate a structure to suit someone’s color plan or a certain topic or sample is entertaining. I’ve completed some film themed ones like rocky horror and beetle juice. And even much more particular ones like copying a phrase in a loved kinds handwriting to match a tattoo. But my Do-it-yourself kits are my latest product or service. They come with diverse color way choices, and a small zine manufactured by me with recommendations on how I get selected styles on my tapes.”

Sophie’s Back again To The Potential tape might just be my favourite of hers so much, but she also has baubles hitting her on line shop, so if you’re hunting to store little this year for your Xmas tree, you definitely need to have to be finding your orders in from Wood Flamingo.

Retro interiors with old cassette tapes. Artist = Wooden Flamingo
Memphis inspired christmas baubles

How did you locate your style and design self-confidence?

Sophie has carved herself out in a genuinely special way, so I requested her how she has identified self confidence in her personal type.

“Don’t about believe nearly anything. Mainly because everything can be set or covered up! I truthfully wing a large amount of my types, similar with my residence decor. If I start to overthink it, I come across it receives messy. My aesthetic in my get the job done is that it’s not exact. My traces are accomplished by hand. They are wavy and uneven. I like the imperfect glimpse. I decide on some colors, get some inspiration and then just go for it.”

Retro interiors with old cassette tapes

Wherever does Picket Flamingo hold out online?

I identified Sophie’s account on Instagram and you can follow her hashtag #WFLovesATheme to see all of her themed creations, and get to know the deal with behind the manufacturer. If you’d like to obtain instantly from Sophie, you can discover her promoting on Etsy. I really don’t like to push manufacturers who I wouldn’t be delighted owning in my possess residence, but I am going to proudly screen these in my bed room when it is comprehensive. For now, they are as well fairly to be still left in a box, so will sit in my business office in all their 80’s nostalgia glory. What style and design would you quick Sophie with?




Diy wreath and my front of the household refresh on a spending plan!

Diy wreath and my front of the household refresh on a spending plan!

Couple of months back I built an effortless Do it yourself wreath for our entrance doorway. I enjoy producing doorway wreaths nearly out of nothing at all.  I embellished one several yrs in the past with dry leafs made into roses (you can go through about it here). This time was no distinctive! To make this Diy wreath I only employed what I already had in the house. I do enjoy that not everybody has dry bouquets, decorations or an genuine wreath foundation just laying close to the residence. And I wasn’t truly organizing on writing about it but men and women favored my minor project on my Instagram so I believed you may like it far too. So I’ll demonstrate you how i did it at the finish of this publish.

But as really as the wreath is – just hanging it on our door basically would not do the trick! The entrance of our home appeared definitely fatigued immediately after the wintertime and it desired a minor little bit far more TLC than just my Do it yourself wreath.  So, by utilizing the stuff that I by now experienced left from distinctive initiatives (like the pallets left immediately after I produced an outdoor sofa), some leftover paint and just a tiny little bit of time I have created the best first impression this house can get (for now, that is).


But first enable me clearly show you what was completely wrong with this area!


how I updated the front of our house on a budgetI’m  guessing considering the fact that we’re in lockdown time is no extended an difficulty for most of us. Cash, on the other hand is. But with this venture (like with all my assignments in point) I’ve put in as minor as probable. Well… zero truly! But like I described just before, I already experienced every thing I desired for this entrance of the residence makeover. if you want to check out any of my DIYs you may have to expend a tiny little bit of cash but I promise, it won’t be significantly. So let us go!


Here’s what I did to update the entrance of our house:

  • crafted a move out of wooden pallets
  • painted the slabs black
  • painted the tiny roof over the doorway white
  • added few pots with pleasant wanting plant (as an alternative of useless types)
  • hung my Do-it-yourself wreath on the door

Of system I would love to rip it all out and have a awesome porch and driveway developed as a substitute. But we really don’t want to spend 10k on a home that we want to transfer out of in a pair of several years time. (Fingers crossed the economic downturn won’t hit us pretty hard and that nonetheless will be the strategy) But it will do for now and in reality we’re all quite amazed with the effects. And particularly the painted slabs designed this sort of a variance.

But if you have been pursuing my website for a even though than you’ll know that this wasn’t the 1st time i made the decision to refresh previous concrete slabs with a lick of paint. I did it right before in our backyard garden and in actuality it is nevertheless my most study publish! (click right here if you haven’t viewed it).


But right before i reached for the paint I had an concept which I wasn’t certain would do the job for us. Thankfully it was a fast and easy Do-it-yourself so it was well worth a check out.

Creating a move out of pallets

I made use of a few picket pallets and turned them into a stage.  Screwed them together and then I added a single extended board to the entrance to finish it off. I then utilised some leftover fence paint and gave it two coats. And that is it! Which is the total task. The only tough bit was to obtain three identical pallets from the kinds I had left considering the fact that the past summer. And as we have a mixture of slabs and gravel at the entrance of the household I had to make certain it was not also wobbly. Satisfied to report – it is sturdy as if the step was generally there!

So, what will you need to have to make a step like this one particular?

  • 3 wooden pallets
  • a person very long board
  • a pencil and a measuring tape
  • fence paint and a brush

pallet DIY ideas

pallet step for the front of the house makeover

Painting the slabs black

Did you know that you can paint your previous concrete slabs? This a a low cost and quick correct but you have to put together oneself for a after a yearly  upkeep. I even now favor this than shelling out countless numbers of kilos on replacing them! But given that i painted the slabs in our garden few many years in the past I already realized that! And this is some thing persons preserve asking me all the time. Does it final? No – it won’t past for good, but it will very last the complete time or two. And as it really is a cheap and uncomplicated Do-it-yourself that will conserve me countless numbers of pounds I can are living with that. Can you?

If your reply is sure than all you will want is a roller and a tray, a paintbrush and a black masonry paint. Which is it! Which is really is all to it! No unique strategies, no methods, just paint the slabs like you would any other surface. And then add a drinking water sealer on prime (I have not done that nevertheless) and it could possibly even last more time than you think.


Painting outside slabs black


Painting concrete slabs

Do it yourself Wreath

Here it is, the final piece of a puzzle – my Do-it-yourself wreath and how I made it. I did a speedy tutorial on my Instagram very first when I built the wreath. I determined to use the identical photos, as they have tiny explanations penned on them.  It may well be practical, though there is nothing at all challenging in listed here. Any person can do it. As I already stated, I only applied what I currently experienced, did not buy a single point in preparing for this challenge. If you want to acquire your products, I observed some similar objects for you:

  • simple willow wreath (if you want to use just the very same wreath, try out this just one, but you may well find it easier with some thing like this
  • range of synthetic foliage and dried bouquets (I gathered mine about the many years and primarily they arrived from Ikea (see their selection right here), Homesense and the rabbit tails came from Ebay) or consider this synthetic eucalyptus garland which will make this Do-it-yourself wreath even a lot easier to make
  • glue gun (there are some inexpensive glue guns you can acquire but if you want to make investments in something that you will be equipped to use for a extremely extensive time than I can’t endorse this Ryobi glue gun sufficient: it’s solid, strong and cordless which believe me is a enormous bonus, just make sure you acquire the battery also)



DIY wreath

DIY wreath


The Final result – Entrance of the home makeover and my Do it yourself wreath

Right after hanging my Do-it-yourself wreath on the door I resolved to refresh the tiny roof above the door with white paint (which I presently had). I then included several crops and that’s it! Which is all I did to give this tiny house a makeover. It wasn’t prepared really and I did not shell out any income (aside from buying several new plants).  Upcoming system is to paint the doorway as it has witnessed superior times. But I need to do a very little bit of investigation on what paint ideal to use and then in fact get that paint. So you are going to have to wait for my future submit to discover out additional.

For now here’s a small reminder of what I did and how the entrance of our household appears to be like like now…

front of the house makeover



front of the house makeover + diy wreath

front of the house makeover + diy wreath

diy wreath

pallet step


Lilo (indeed, she’s named soon after a cartoon character from “Lilo & Stitch”) loves the new phase and I imagine we all have to concur that she is the greatest addition to this little space…



diy wreath

diy wreath diy door wreath