CVS and Rite Aid restricting buys of emergency contraception

“Because of to amplified demand from customers, at this time we are restricting buys of Plan B contraceptive tablets to three for each consumer,” Alicja Wojczyk, senior manager of external communications for Ceremony Assist told CNN in an e-mail.

Though CVS has “ample supply” of Plan B and Aftera — two types of unexpected emergency contraception — the enterprise is limiting purchases to 3 for each shopper “to make certain equitable accessibility and constant offer on keep shelves,” Matt Blanchette, senior manager of retail communications at CVS Pharmacy informed CNN in an electronic mail.

Emergency contraception cuts down the opportunity of pregnancy immediately after unprotected intercourse, in accordance to the American College or university of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Popular scenarios when it is employed contain immediately after forgetting to get numerous birth manage tablets or when a condom breaks or falls off.

The purchasing limitations for unexpected emergency contraception arrive soon after the Supreme Courtroom overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday. Many states instantly moved to correctly prohibit abortions.

“Employing (crisis contraception) does not trigger an abortion. An abortion ends an current being pregnant. EC helps prevent pregnancy from occurring. EC should be used before long following unprotected sexual intercourse to be helpful. It does not do the job if being pregnant has already transpired,” ACOG said.

Drugs, these as System B and Aftera, are a single type of emergency contraception. Some can be acquired around the counter and many others demand a prescription.

Copper intrauterine units, or IUDs, can also be employed as unexpected emergency contraception if inserted in just about 5 times of intercourse.

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