Dementia Symptoms: Review warns towards THIS indicator of dementia that occurs 17 a long time before Alzheimer’s sickness strikes

With the enable of an mmuno-infrared sensor, they were equipped to discover the 68 examination topics who afterwards developed Alzheimer’s disorder with a large diploma of check precision.

The researchers seemed at other biomarkers with the SIMOA technology, especially the P-tau181 biomarker, which is now becoming proposed as a promising biomarker applicant in various studies.

“In contrast to in the clinical phase, however, this marker is not acceptable for the early symptom-free period of Alzheimer’s disorder,” Professor Klaus Gerwert mentioned in a summary of the results of the comparative study.

“Remarkably, we observed that the focus of glial fibre protein (GFAP) can point out the condition up to 17 several years prior to the medical section, even however it does so considerably considerably less precisely than the immuno-infrared sensor.”

In addition, by placing with each other amyloid-beta misfolding and GFAP concentration, the researchers ended up in a position to more boost the dependability of the check in the symptom-absolutely free stage.

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