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Different Types Of Eyeliner And Their Packaging Styles

Eyeliners have been in trend for a long time. The reason behind this popularity is that it can do a lot for a person. One can change the complete look and impact of eyes. Fashion for eyeliner keeps changing according to generation. But there has been heavy eyeliner use in current times. People use these to create many looks that fit their styles and features.

Eyeliner usage can vary from the classic smoky eye to heavy luxe style. There are so many styles to utilize eyeliner that one can create several distinct looks. Some like only upper lid application, while others prefer bold type look with upper and lower lid styling. There are several categories of eyeliners introduced in the market. The packaging of each of these items varies. These distinct products in their custom eyeliner boxes are readily available in shops.

Types and packaging of eyeliners:

More and more cosmetic goods are being launched with time passing. One can find each beauty item in many forms and types. Eyeliners are essentially one of the most versatile cosmetics. Sellers of this product have modified it in multiple ways for user benefit. When people are out shopping for eyeliner, they can get many options. These vary from liquid to gel to pen liners.

The product dimension of each of the different eyeliners varies from one another. Liquid eyeliner comes in bottles and a rectangular boxer. The pancake liners have a small container and have square packaging. So most of the items have custom eyeliner boxes that are according to them. The personalized packaging is fitting according to the type of the product. Here are some of the best eyeliner types and their packaging styles:

Liquid eyeliner:

Liquid eyeliners are traditional liners that have been in use. This type helps create a bold and attractive look with a precise application. These are the first choice to create various eyeliner looks. One can use it for the simple basic, cat eye, wing, and smoky look. Liquid liners are known for their intense, quick, and long-lasting effect. Also, many liquid liners are waterproof and ensure 24 hours’ shine. However, the drawback of these items is that they tend to dry quickly and also require a delicate application. So these are trickier and difficult eyeliners to master.

Most liquid eyeliners come in square or rectangular bottles. These have a tip in their heads for the application. The packaging of these products is usually thin and elongated boxes specifically designed for them. Also, these custom eyeliner boxes will have the details of the product inside.

Gel eyeliner:

Gel liners have waxy consistency due to their large waxy content. These are famed for their long-lasting and settled application.

Gel eyeliner:

are used to draw fine lines, especially to apply on the waterline.  These are applied with an eyeliner brush. These can be tricky to use, but once mastered, these will become a permanent choice of the user.  One can create many looks by changing the style, angle, and thickness of the liner. These will deliver an intense and smooth look if used perfectly. So many makeup professionals use gel liners to create a dark and bold smoky look for the eyes.

Most of the gel liners come in small containers. These pots are small in size and vary in their dimensions. The packaging is usually square that fits them perfectly to cushion any impact.

Pencil eyeliners:

Pencil eyeliners are similar to kajal. These are like traditional pencils, but some pencils come in mechanical form with a rotatable cylinder. However, these have a dark black effect on the eyelid. These are best for newbies learning makeup. Also, those who find applying liner difficult can use them. Liquid and gel liners can become smudgy on the eyes if not properly used. But pencils will be easier for beginners to handle. So these are convenient and less likely to create a mess. However, one drawback of these pencils is that they do not have a long-wearing duration. Most liner pencils are black, but now they are also available in many color varieties.

The pencils are available in loose form in the markets or shops. But some of these come in custom eyeliner boxes that are fitting according to them. Also, hang-able packets with a pencil and images are the famous way to sell these.

Cream eyeliners:

Cream eyeliners are often confused with gel liners. But these two types are essentially different from each other. Cream liners are more common in the market but are advised to be used by professionals only. These are creamier as their formulation contains creamier substances. Cream eyeliners are smooth and give a natural silky look. Also, these are similar to cream-based cosmetics. These are a good choice for applying to the waterline as they are less likely to smudge.

These soft and smooth eyeliners are available in varying designs. Cream eyeliners usually come in tube or container forms. However, some cream liners are also in pencil style. All these different products have packaging boxes that are designed according to their style.

Using eyeshadow:

Sometimes people always end up with smudged and black eyes when trying to use liners. For those, there is a hack to use eyeshadow instead of liners. This only works if someone has a precise brush for application. Also, eyeshadows can be trickier to handle than other items. These are easy and quick to apply. So these are not as intense as liners, and thus the chances of smudging are comparatively less. One can also try eyeshadow of various colors to create a colored eyeliner look.

Eyeshadow has its own packaging depending upon its size and color range. However, eyeshadow usually has tuck end boxes fitting to them.


In conclusion, eyeliners are one of the most popular cosmetic items. These are routinely used products for most people. But many people are often confused with the choice of the liner and its use. Also, each type of liner varies in its use and packaging.

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