Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

Cannabidiol, a derivative of the cannabis plant, or the CBD, as we better know it, is on a roll. Unlike the psychoactive component of cannabis, THC, CBD does not get you high, making it easier to use in the day-to-day routine, in lotions and oils, like coffee and cocktails, and of course, our favorite, gummy bears. 

Legalized in November 2018, one can now take CBD gummies for anxiety UK. As is the marketing trend, CBD gummies claim far-ranging potential benefits. However, research backs up the fact that CBD assists in the treatment of childhood epilepsy, soothe arthritis, and aids in easing nausea in chemotherapy patients. 

CBD gummies are derived from cannabis plants. The drug has been legalized in more than 12 countries for controlled, medicinal use. 

What is anxiety, and how does CBD relate to it?

Anxiety is, simply put, a feeling of worry or fear which causes stress and discomfort. According to an assistant psychiatry professor at NYU, CBD may treat anxiety by elevating the levels of anandamide in the brain, a chemical thought to be anxiolytic. Dr. Blessing cites age-old case studies from the Indian subcontinent, which report that soldiers took types of CBD-rich cannabis with PTSD, who then reported reduced symptoms.

Patients who consume allopathic medicines like Prozac and Xanax regularly to curb their anxiety levels are always looking for affordable organic supplements that will help relieve some of their symptoms. 

At present, it is common consensus in the neurobiological and psychiatric domains of study that any drug that can treat epilepsy and schizophrenia is likely to be effective on anxiety. Statistics show that CBD is well tolerated and presents a minimal potential for abuse or dependence in humans. The fact that it comes in the form of candy just makes the whole deal sweeter. Eating CBD gummies has numerous benefits. They are easy to digest, portable, and taste better than most cannabis products, making them ideal for multiple kinds of users. The best use of CBD is still a growing field of study. 

CBD gummies offer a more holistic approach to combating anxiety. In a case study, 37 individuals diagnosed with Social anxiety disorder received a fixed dosage of CBD daily for a month. It was found that the relief CBD provides is comparable to the effects of Paroxetine, a commonly found anti-anxiety drug. According to a 2016 study, CBD does not display any significant side effects, as is commonly noted in most other antipsychotic drugs. 

How to consume CBD gummies to help with anxiety?

Now, let’s talk technicalities. CBD helps reduce anxiety by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for maintaining the balance of our body’s internal environment, also known as homeostasis. It counters anxiety by increasing the secretion of serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with mood.

As of now, there are no universally accepted guidelines for CBD dosage.  To get the most from your intake, start with a small amount and gradually increase until you find the correct quantity to suit your needs. Consistent consumption is also helpful. One can start seeing results after 2-3 weeks of dosage commencement. Humans have shown an extremely high level of tolerance for CBD. 

To mathematically determine the correct number of gummies you must consume, find out the total amount of CBD you want to consume and the total amount of CBD per gummy. The most commonly sold gummies in the market contain 10 or 20 mg. of CBD per unit, but this can also go as high as 50 mg. per unit. These are available in packages ranging from 10 to 30 units. Different persons elicit different reactions to the drug without any semblance of a pattern. There are a lot of companies selling good-quality CBD gummies at competitive prices. 


Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?
Do CBD Gummies Help With Anxiety?

A woman taking CBD gummies to handle workplace induced anxiety

Other factors to keep in mind while consuming CBD gummies to help with anxiety 

Gummies are consumed in situations of varying intensities. 

If your purpose of consumption is to keep panic attacks at bay, a constant dose of CBD is recommended. In such situations, even if a panic attack is induced, it is not very severe. 

If you suffer from anxiety in social gatherings, take a few gummies sometime before entering such an environment. 

Taking CBD gummies about an hour before you hit the bed is also a viable option. This way, you are already relaxed when sleep overtakes you, thereby effectively reducing insomnia as well. 

It is tough to determine how long CBD stays in your system. Longevity is affected by multiple factors, including the genetic and chemical makeup of our bodies. While faster metabolism allows us to feel the effects sooner, it also causes the effect to fade quicker. The more the amount of CBD in the gummies, the longer it takes to leave the system. If you ingest the gummies after you’ve eaten recently, slower digestion means that the effect of the gummies will take longer to kick in. It is also widely accepted that CBD in an edible form lasts longer. Another reason to buy those gummies you know you’ve been eyeing for some time now! 


The effectiveness of CBD as an anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and analgesic is being enthusiastically studied. Scientists are extensively researching this, and the conclusions of most of these studies look very promising. Preliminary scientific reports have also suggested promising results concerning cannabidiol being used to prevent nausea, reduce insomnia and stimulate appetite. Patients with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, also respond positively to CBD. 

CBD is your new best friend for dealing with anxiety! 

The adverse effects of CBD are virtually non-existent. The latest research and ground-level user experience both supplement the fact that there is a complete absence of toxicity and side effects, which is one of the most substantial advantages of cannabidiol consumption. 

Gummies are the most popular CBD products, and sales have been off the roof recently. Users love them, and consumers can vouch for their effectiveness. However, the best part remains that one can quickly test them and judge for themselves without fearing any repercussions. While cannabis has been shrouded in prejudices and prohibitions for a long time, scientific and medicinal use has led to some groundbreaking discoveries. The research and consumption of CBD are steadily rising, and it is time for you to hop on and discover this organic alternative for your anxiety meds!

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