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Eight Things That Can Affect Your Sleep

Deep, quiet, relaxing and adequate sleep is extremely important for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you are unable to get proper sleep due to some disruption, you should fix it immediately. You already know how not sleeping for one night affects your body and mind on the next day. So, eliminate if there is any disruption in your bedroom. In this article, you will see the eight things that can affect your sleep and what you can do about it. 

Large meals 

Eating too much and drinking too much water can interrupt sound sleep. This can multiply your trips to the bathroom at night. Eating a large meal before getting into the bed can also provoke heartburn symptoms. You can avoid this by eating a decent meal. 

Laying awake in bed 

Don’t lie there awake if you are unable to get to sleep. Instead of turning and tossing, do something relaxing. You can read a book. Get out of bed for some time and reset your sleep. 

Too cold, too warm or too noisy environment 

Lights are on and the stereo is blaring, it is not easy to sleep in such an environment. Same goes when it is too cold or too warm. You can use an electric bed warmer if it is too cold or a best cooling sheet if it is too warm. And, if you want to buy a system that can be used during winter and summer, you can buy a mattress fan that pumps air in your bed. You just need to control the temperature of the air.


Prolonged Naps 

You can take a midday nap if you have slept well at night. However, if you have not, avoid taking naps during the daytime. 

Smoking or drinking coffee or alcohol before bed 

This can worsen sleep apnea and snoring. Chocolate, tea, coffee, soda pop and other similar foods can act as stimulants and keep you awake for hours. 

Sleeping less when you are busy 

We all are living busy lives. Most of us study or work late at night. However, this makes it difficult to sleep fast. Even when you are busy, sleep for 7 to 8 hours at night.

Staying Active before getting into the bed

Our body is not good at dealing with abrupt changes. You should listen to calming music or read a book before sleeping. 

Changing Sleeping Habits Frequently

If you keep changing your time to go to bed and get up, you are destined to struggle when it comes to sleeping.

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