Great Tips for Amazing Link Building

Link building is one of the most important parts of SEO tools and practices. However, it isn’t very easy. However, here are a few things that can help you build quality links.


Lists are fantastic and encourage people to link back to them. Note that the following text is presented in a list as well!

  • 101 lists are particularly good because people find them easy to understand and read.
  • Create tips, like 10 easy tips to achieve (topic). It is very easy to link to these types of lists.
  • Resource lists are great too because the resources will most likely link back to you.
  • Create myth lists, these are usually interesting and funny as well.
  • Come up with a few gurus or expert lists. Again, it is likely that they will link back to you as well. Flatter them as much as possible, it works and it pays off.

Get Some Help

Getting help is always a good idea. Link building and SEO practices are like forms of art, and not everybody has a talent for that kind of art. You cannot expect to know it all and it is far more likely that you are an expert in your own field, rather than in link building and SEO. There are a few specific experts you could work with in order to build better links:

  • A publicist or other PR expert. They can be hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit hard!
  • A consultant to whom you outsource your link building. If you are choosing this option, however, you must make sure that you go with a really good consultant. Perhaps they can even train your staff, so you can take over after a while.

Become an Authority Website

If you are an authority website with a high Google page rank, people will want to link to you. So how do you become an authority website?

  • Have fantastic content that is free from jargon and meets the needs of your customers.
  • Ensure you don’t have any spelling or grammatical errors in your text. This is particularly important if your target audience has anything to do with language (librarians, teachers, language experts, and so on).

Make sure your privacy policy is included in your about section. This makes your site trustworthy. If you include pictures of yourself, you will also be more trusted. If you have more questions please contact the SEO company, Brisbane.

Bettina Cabana is a web designer and a freelance fashion blogger. She loves to write about the latest trends, women's fashion, and a lot more in the industry. Bettina has been working for multiple clients in the past many years. She likes to explore new places, cultures, and cook in her free time.

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