5 Ways Gyrotonic Exercises Keep You Younger

Gyrotonic workouts are an integration of yoga movements into dance, swimming, and tai chi techniques. The exercises stimulate the entire body muscles, fluids, and breathing patterns. Two techniques are applied in these movements: gyrotonic and gyrokinesis. The latter is performed while sitting on a table, standing, or on the floor; while the former makes use of special devices for body support to encourage expansion. 

1. Stimulating the vestibular system

Movements that stretch the spine and neck makes the head move from the vertical axis slightly. As a result the internal mechanism of cochlea in movement of fluid is affected. With practice, the body gets used to these motions and adjusts to positions where it is not vertical. Such movements include side-to-side steps and twirling. In effect, the body fears to balance itself and the fear of falling diminishes. 

2. Enhancing cardiovascular system

The basic function of the cardiovascular is to supply blood and oxygen to all body parts. Gyrotonics are total body movements which increases the heart rate thus blood circulation increases through the veins, arteries and capillaries. This significantly enhances overall health without creating tension in the heart. Certain breathing patterns support body movements and this facilitates delivery of more oxygen to the tissues. A person builds proficiency through repeated and consistent workout programs. Over time, speed increases hence building low-impact cardio.

3. Counteracting gravitational  pull

As the spine gets decompressed, the body learns to withstand gravity. The main focus of gyrotonics is balance through contrast while the basic idea for every session is to strengthen and stretch out muscles around the spine and other joints. By stretching the spine vertically, decompression of the intervertebral disc spaces occurs. This minimizes impingements and back pain. In addition, the decompression creates slight resistance which makes muscles and bones stronger around the joints. Blood flow to the ligaments and tendons increases. After a session of gyrotonic exercises, one feels light and taller.

4. Stimulating the nervous system

A movement known as Cherie arching applies all basic spine motions i.e. extension, lateral flexion, and rotation- all in right and left movements. This stimulates all the nerves and dermatomes. Stretches and massages helps to remove any tension in the nerves from the finger tips to the sole of the feet. 

5. Keeping  the fascia flexible

Spiral movements should be emphasized in gyrotonic exercises to do at home. Every movement ensures simultaneous upward and downward motion. This way, the joints cannot compress and the fascia fibers unwind. The more the fascia moves, the more it becomes hydrated and pliable. 

Every person of whatever age must know the right gyrotonic exercises to do at home and for the above reasons.

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