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How Can Social WiFi Marketing Enhance Your Retail Business?

If you own a retail store, being a small business owner, you must create effective ways to help you get noticed. Doing this will generate leads as well as loyal and engaged customers for your business. But it is easier said than done, especially when you are facing online competition. However, technology has always come to rescue small businesses in situations like this. And the latest innovation in the field of technology, social WiFi marketing tool, has the potential to transform your marketing strategy for your small business.

The WiFi marketing tools can increase the visibility of your small business, besides offering a better, stand-out experience for your customers. You don’t have to do much for the installation of this tool. In fact, you can set your existing guest WiFi on this task. If you want to learn more about this tool and the ways it can transform your business for good, continue reading!

Difference between WiFi Marketing and Social WiFi Marketing: 

WiFi marketing is a tool that retailers use to provide wireless internet access to shoppers and in return get customer data. When a retailer comes to a retail store and tries to use their WiFi, he encounters a WiFi landing page. The shopper fills the form displayed on that page and the captive portal tool fetches this information.  The retailer then uses this information as a channel to communicate messages and promotions. It’s just one of the many ways that offline businesses are embracing the digital world and creating a multichannel experience for their shoppers in the process.

There is another more convenient option of signing in to the free WiFi. With this option, the shopper can connect with the social WiFi by using his social media account. And when he does so, the captive portal tool extracts data about the shopper from his social media account. Additionally, some retailers also ask the free WiFi users to give likes and reviews on their social media pages. This not only increases the web traffic but the reputation of the store too.

The benefits of WiFi marketing Tools: 

WiFi marketing tool has some benefits for both retailers and customers in the following ways.

Benefits for Customers:  

Save on Mobile Data: 

There are over 4 billion mobile users in the world. And as these gadgets are not only useful for communication but for entertainment too, people want to keep their phones with them wherever they go. And to do most of the things through these devices, they need an internet connection. Cellular companies often charge a heavy sum of money for using mobile data. This is why an opportunity of free WiFi is very useful in helping shoppers save on mobile data and some money with it.

The Opportunity of Fast Internet: 

The mobile data people often use is not very fast. Browsing on this internet takes quite some time and when you want to watch some video, you will face even more delay. The guest WiFi, provided by the retail store, is often very fast internet. So, it helps shoppers enjoy browsing without having to wait for the loading of videos.

Benefits for Retail Businesses:  

Customer Stays Longer in Your Venue: 

If you offer social WiFi in your venue, your customers will stay longer and spend more in your store. This tool helps customer stick around longer than usual. In a survey conducted a few years ago, it was found that over 60 percent of businesses (that were offering social WiFi) observed customers spend more time in their stores since they are offering free WiFi. They also reported that 50% of customers spend more money as well.

Provides Retailer a Wealth of Customer Data:  

At a basic level, the WiFi marketing tool provides retailers with customer emails and phone numbers. However, you can also get so much more information with it. You can observe when each customer visits your store, how often they visit and see if they’ve visited more than one location, given that you have more than one retail store. Some advanced tools allow you to track their foot traffic and send push notifications with exclusive offers based on where they’re standing in your store.

Help You Build Depper Relationships with Your Customers: 

With this social WiFi marketing tool, you can build better relationships with your customers. Social WiFi gives you the opportunity to reconnect with customers well after they’ve left your store. The data you’ve collected also allows you to send more impactful marketing campaigns, which is great for your bottom line. 



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