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How Men Should Wear Jewellery In 2021

Jewellery has become popular for men this year and it is easy to understand why. There are many celebrities these days that enjoy wearing glistening pieces of jewellery that always manage to catch the eyes of the crowds. Shawn Mendes, Johnny Depp and Harry Styles are just a select few that love to wear jewellery in the public eye. 

Jewellery used to be frowned upon when it came to men wearing jewellery. It used to be seen as effeminate but now that has all changed. This is something that you should also get on board with. There are five must-have items when it comes to men and jewellery. Read on and find what you should be wearing in 2021 as well as how to wear it. 


Rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery that a man wears today with their outfits. There are multiple ways that you can wear a ring. You can go for the standard look that is just one ring on one hand. You can also wear multiple on one hand. Rings have been popular for both males and females over the years. This is why it is so popular for vintage jewellery as well. 

Another great part of wearing rings when it comes to men’s fashion is that they can mixed materials. You might have seen these already but, there are many silver and platinum rings out there that will have a black band in the centre of the ring. So the way to style this would be wearing a silver ring on one hand and then another silver ring with a black band in the middle of it for another. Personalised rings can also work with the other rings that you wear. 

One thing that you should try and avoid with your rings is mixing materials. Silver does not match with gold on the same hand, it just looks odd. The same goes for mixing both silver and platinum because it is a slightly darker colour than silver. One final tip for wearing rings as a male is that you can wear rings with gemstones. Although try to avoid mixing different coloured gemstones.


Necklaces have also become popular in recent years. A celebrity who wears a chain majority of the time is Shawn Mendes. If you do not know how to style chains/ necklaces then look at him. 

Necklaces are slightly different compared to chains. Necklaces will often have gemstones and pendants. Chains are normally metal that is either gold or silver. Again there are quite a few years for styling chains and necklaces. 

You can wear chains on their own over the top of your clothes. You can also wear necklaces alone above your clothes. Some people will even style their chains and necklaces together. Others will wear multiple chains and necklaces together. 


Bracelets are another jewellery piece that is becoming popular with men in this decade. They are simple as well as easy to wear which is why they are so popular. They used to be popular in the 1960s. Like mentioned before, they are simple so do not expect to see colours or materials that are going to be over the top. 

A brushed metal band is a great addition to a man’s style. Another material that looks great with these bracelets is gold. One thing to take into consideration when it comes to styling your bracelets with other jewellery pieces is to make sure the materials match. If you are wearing two gold rings on one hand and you decide to wear a bracelet then make sure the bracelet is gold as well. 


Up next, we have got watches and these have been a great addition to a man’s outfit for many years now. There are different styles that a man can choose to wear for their outfit. You can decide between a gold or a silver watch. Depending on the material for your other jewellery pieces. 

Many different styles can be worn with multiple outfits. That is arguably the best part about a watch. A chronograph is versatile when it comes to the rest of the outfits that you are wearing. If you prefer simplicity, then there is nothing wrong with that either. 


Piercings have become extremely popular for men in the previous years. This includes earrings which is arguably the most popular piercing that a male gets these days. Dangling earrings are uncommon for a male so far but, due to the recent years, it would not surprise us if they become popular due to all the other jewellery pieces that have become popular. 

You do not need to worry about matching the colour of your earrings with the other jewellery pieces that you are wearing either. The reason for this is because your earrings might not stand out as much as the other jewellery. 

To Conclude

Jewellery has become a wonderful addition to a man’s outfit. It has always complemented a ladies outfit well so it was hard to understand how it has only become popular for men. If you know that your outfit is missing something a bit more then it is probably because of the lack of jewellery that you are wearing. 

There are many different jewellery pieces out there that you can wear so go out there and start exploring. One thing that you should remember is to buy good quality jewellery. The better the quality then the more durable it will be. Similar to custom-tailored suits

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