How To Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

How To Rebuild Credit After Bankruptcy

The following advice will show you that it is possible to revitalize your credit cards after bankruptcy

Has your financial situation been so debilitating since you declared bankruptcy that you are stuck on major projects? The so called financial suicide- bankruptcy- can throw your life into anything far from healthy. While the situation can have a negative impact on your credit cards for several years (10 or so), good news is that it has no power to destroy it completely. So, no need to worry.

1. Obtain a new post- bankruptcy credit cards

If all your liabilities were discharged in bankruptcy, you may get a new credit with low limits. But you must be careful with subprime creditors as they give loan on high interest rates and additional charges. Alternatively, you can go to a local bank or credit union, and borrow a small amount of money which you are sure to repay within the required time. Obtaining a secured credit card is another way out. This is a card which contains a deposit. The deposit will dictate your new credit limit. 

2. Use credit wisely

Credit is built by using it. Whenever you pay off you loans, a creditor has to make a report regarding your settlements. This information is passed on to credit reporting agencies. Then, your payment history will thus be used by other creditors to know if you are a competent debtor. You can also rebuild your credit score after bankruptcy by making timely and full payments of student loans, mortgage, and car loans that survived your financial suicide. The key to using credit responsibly is by pending only what you can afford. Going way off the limits will have you financially broke again. Try to maintain more than minimum repayments every month and on time. You want lenders to see that you are capable of paying back debts on due time.

To start rebuilding credit after bankruptcy, contact a professional credit bureau and send a copy of your ratings. An expert will go through all your credit reports and ensure that the information contained is true and relevant. It is important that any mistake be corrected if there is any. That is all you need to accelerate post-bankruptcy credit recovery.Every year you must contact a credit reporting agency to get a free report.  Credit reviews are meant to fix errors such as eliminating debt you do not owe and incorrect balances.


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