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How To Successfully Rebrand Your Business In 2021

Somewhere along the line, you might want to rebrand although it is not a simple process. There are many things to consider when it comes to rebranding, especially with the technology and data we have in 2021.

When it comes to branding your business, it is something that many of us do not put a lot of thought into. Some people would prefer to start their business straight away with little thought process about their brand. There are many things that you will be changing as you continue to run your business. For example, you might think social media marketing is best for your business but later down the line, you could consider SEO as an important method for your goals and brand awareness. 


Why Are You Rebranding? 

There are many right and wrong reasons when it comes to rebranding. Rebranding can be a great idea and have a massive impact on the business. However, if it is executed poorly, it could be a disaster for your business. A great example of a major company that rebranded is Uber. Once they redesigned their logo, around 44% of people were unsure of what Uber’s logo represented. 

There are many businesses out there that have rebranded to try and increase their sales. This is something that you definitely should not do. The same goes for rebranding just for brand awareness, although it can get people talking about your business. All this depends on the marketing strategy that you have got in place. One of the main reasons why you should rebrand is because your mission goals are changing and/ or you have already achieved them.         

There are other reasons why you might want to rebrand your business. Maybe it is because of a new location, market repositioning, new philosophy, or even mergers and acquisitions. There is plenty of reasons why you might want to make changes within your business and rebrand. 


Is a great way to refresh your brand and expand to international markets for those that do not understand your logo.    

Market repositioning 

There are plenty of brands out there that connect other companies with brands. If you are looking to target a completely new customer profile then rebranding will be for your business. 


This is another great reason to rebrand your business. If you are wanting to change your mission, vision and values then this will be another great excuse to rebrand. However, make sure you are changing these goals for the right reason. 

Finally, Mergers and Acquisitions  

Mergers are where two companies join forces. You will need to meet each other halfway with how your brand is going to look. Unless either you or the other business is happy enough to give up their business. 


How Do You Rebrand Your Business? 

You have now established why you want to rebrand but, the next question is, how do you do it? There are many ways to go about this which, are going to be discussed below. 

Re-establishing Your Brand’s Audience and Market

Once you have completed your market research, you might have figured out that your target audience is not the one that you once thought. Maybe it is an audience that you did not intend to reach but, it turns out they are interested in your product/ services. Now, look at the audiences your competitors are reaching out to and see what they are doing to attract them. As soon as you have established your new audience, you will be able to rebrand and get their attention. 

Re-define Your Company’s Mission, Vision and Values  

This can come hand in hand with the target audience that you are trying to reach out to. You also might have reached the previous goals you have set and want to take on a new challenge. All of these are great for rebranding once they have been established. 

Rename Your Company

When you are branding, a name change might be more suitable for your business. If you have built up a large target audience over the years. You will need to establish to the existing customers what you are changing your name to and why. 

Rebuild Your Brand Identity

Rebranding your logo is one of the easiest ways you can go about rebranding. Not to mention it is a simple method of showing the public that your company is making changes. However, there have been brands in the past that have changed their logo and confused their current set of customers. Simply because they do not know what the change is for or why they have done it. You must let your existing users/ customers know why you are changing your company logo. 

Colour Scheme

So, how do you want to change your company logo? A good way you can do this is by changing the colour palette of your logo. If your full company relies on using the same colours throughout the business then be prepared to use those colours. Visa is one large business that changed its logo from blue and yellow to just blue throughout. A simple change that everybody noticed.


You might want to change the lettering of your logo. Another simple change that people will notice about your brand’s logo. Just like your colour palette, it might have sounded great at the time and looked great on a computer screen. However, it might not have looked good once it had been printed on a sticker for your luxury brand

Finally, Shapes & Imagery Of Your Logo

Re-evaluating your logo imagery is another way of rebranding and changing your company logo. An example of a business that changed the design/ shape of its logo is Cadilac. Cadilac believed that their previous logo did not match the style of their modern vehicles. So they decided it were time for a change. 

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can change your company logo. Careful not to change too much of your logo as people might not be able to recognise that you are the same company. If you are making massive changes to your company’s visual appearance, let your existing customers know of the changes. As well as why you are making these changes. 



As you can see, there are many different ways to rebrand your business in 2021. Whether you have been around for over 50 years, or you have reached your current goals and decided it is time for a change. Remember not to do all of the rebranding for your business. It is easy to make mistakes for rebranding so for safety, contact a design agency in manchester. What you can do is discuss with the agency why you want to make changes and what you would like to change. That way they can point you in the right direction of how you need to do it. 


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