Intel Main i9-13900 engineering sample is 20% faster than Alder Lake in new benchmarks

Extremely anticipated: The frequency of leaks encompassing Intel’s approaching 13th-gen processors retains escalating as we get nearer to their start. New benchmarks of an i9-13900 engineering sample display that the CPU will aspect an amazing improve to multi-threaded efficiency, thanks to the addition of eight extra E-cores.

Intel’s 13th-gen Raptor Lake CPUs are nonetheless a number of months absent from launch, but that hasn’t stopped a Chinese tech website from acquiring and testing an early sample of the i9-13900.

It functions 8 Performance cores and a whopping 16 Successful cores, twice that of its predecessor, the i9-12900. Other noteworthy differences are a new microarchitecture for the P-cores, codenamed Raptor Cove, and an enhanced total of L2 and L3 cache.

ExpReview utilized a current-gen Z690 motherboard for testing and discovered that the unreleased processor is amazingly currently supported. On the other hand, thanks to it staying an engineering sample, the massive cores only improve up to 3.8 GHz.

In software benchmarks, the i9-13900 is 20 p.c more quickly on common compared to an i9-12900K locked at the exact same frequency, thanks to all those excess E-cores. The Raptor Lake chip is a little bit slower than its predecessor in solitary-threaded workloads and gaming, although we can almost certainly chalk that up to the unfinalized microcode and absence of correct BIOS guidance.

Before this week, Intel also current its Severe Tuning Utility, introducing assistance for one thing it phone calls “Economical Thermal Velocity Enhance” and some new overclocking functionalities. A components leaker has instructed a high-stop Raptor Lake SKU (a successor to the i9-12900KS?) could use these characteristics to raise up to 6 GHz on a person or two cores.

In linked news, a checklist of Asrock’s upcoming Z790 and H770 motherboards leaked just lately, confirming that Intel’s Raptor Lake system will still aid DDR4 memory.

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