Is Fake Tan a Good Option for The Brits?

Ah, the beautiful summers of England; the munificent sunshine, the golden beach, you in your favourite bikini − with a hat on − lying on a beach bed next to your boyfriend. Aren’t it a perfect setting to achieve a sun kissed finish? 

I yearn for such picturesque settings, enjoying the sun, accompanied by a loving mate, the serenity and blue shores. Above all, the positive vibes of letting go of the bristly white disarray and achieving a porcelain-skinned finish. In the summers, nothing comes between me and the sun except my joyful pink swimsuit. I’ve been doing it for years…

Unfortunately, this year it may not be possible for me, you and other glow getters. The fear of COVID-19 is still looming over our heads. That doesn’t mean you cannot get a glowing tan. Why don’t you opt for sunless tanning instead of sunbathing? Sunless or fake tan promises superior results as compared to sunbathing and saunas. 

Just think for a while about how harmful the UV rays can be and what damage they can inflict on your sensitive skin. So, realistically speaking, fake tanning is the only option you’ve got. That being said, fake tanning is perfectly capable of giving you a skin glow, everyone will notice and talk about. 

It isn’t an alternative to sun and salon sunbeds anymore. It has become the first choice for many people in the UK and all over. 

Is fake tan a good option?

Indeed, for both men and women who want to impress everyone around them with their dazzling appearance. Fake tan adds confidence and a bit of colour, giving you a radiant finish. When compared to sunbathing and saunas, spray tanning comes with many benefits. 

Fake tan hydrates skin: Sunbeds in external settings like lawns or beaches can extract moisture from your skin, leaving it burnt and dry. On the other hand, fake tanning sprays are known to hydrate the skin. This way, you will have a soft and healthy complexion. 

Nourished skin: Fake tan sprays come with several skin-nourishing ingredients like Aloe vera, Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 that not only beautify your skin but also take care of its well-being. 

It is safe: According to the NHS, sunbeds produce harsh ultraviolet rays. They can be more dangerous than lying under the scorching sun all day long. The rays produced inside the sauna can be responsible for skin cancer. So no saunas from now on. 

Fake tanning is approved by the FDA. So, it is your ticket to a beautiful glow that you have yearned forever.

It is quick: Your time is precious. For this very reason, a fast-drying fake tan can be your best companion. It gives your glittering looks. No need to spend hours on a sunbed and wasting money when you can achieve better looks with a process that hardly takes 5-10 minutes. 

It’s convenient: You can have your face and other visible parts of the body tanned at your home. Moreover, you can carry the spray with you anywhere and apply it when you like. Isn’t it convenient? You won’t have to commute to and back from the salon. Not getting stuck in the traffic and avoiding queues makes fake tan the best option going around. 

Glow according to your choice: While in the salon or sauna, you have a time limit for which you can stay in the sunbed. Conversely, fake tan allows you to get different modes of radiance like light, medium and dark; depending on what you want. 

Service at your place: Fake tan allows you to get it in the comfort of your home, a wedding hall, ballroom or anywhere you like. You cannot carry sunbeds with you wherever you want to go. Going to a salon requires dressing from home, undressing before the sauna and redressing once you are done. 

Cost-effective: Going to expensive salons will cost you a fortune. At the same time, fake tan sprays won’t lighten your pocket. It is a cost-effective solution when compared to all other alternatives. Even sunbathing in tropical countries is expensive; you require beach beds, travel to the beach, bring eatables, buy a swimsuit or hat etc. Save money, go for fake tanning. 

People with a perpetually pale complexion

There is no shortage of God-gifted people who enjoy a perpetually pale complexion, naturally. And this is the best thing that can happen to anyone. It’s a miracle to have bronze skin. While the white ladies and gentlemen envy these people, I want to tell them they are not alone as we are all on the same ship. 

It’s due to the millions of us that have made the tanning industry a lucrative one, and companies manufacturing radiant tanning products are going great. 

Do you own ivory-coloured skin just like Edward Cullen? Do you lack a bronze look like the ones we see in beauty magazines? Do you also want a sexy glow on your skin, as much as I do, that turns every neck towards you? 

Tanning is the only option we have to get out of this misfortune. You just need to try the most appropriate fake tan sprays for your skin. And tell you what some of you may turn out to be the radiant goddesses. 

Fake tan is the way to go

Some people absorb the sunrays no matter how blazing the sun is and how much time they spent outdoors. What they get in return is dazzling and perfectly sun-kissed skin. Unlucky people like me just can’t handle the golden rays, and our skin starts burning. People like me who adore beautiful tanned skin tolerate the sun as much as possible but still don’t get the results. 

It seems as if the sun has got some personal problems with us. I mean, we do it every year and hope to see the results, but… It’s like hoping against hope. Every year, I turn to sunbathe with a hope that this year the sun will be kind to me and bestow me a lovely tan. 

However, even after suffering skin burns, the signs just fade away as if the sun never kissed my body. How cruel sun?

This year, it won’t happen. I am opting for fake tanning sprays, and you should too if you are my type, the unlucky one. 

How long does it last, and what results do you get?

A large majority of beauty professionals have declared sprays, oils and creams etc., safe and quality procedures to give you realistic results. However, they don’t help you achieve results for a long time. 

Its results will last between 7-10 days if your body doesn’t get wet for 3-5 hours after the process. This aftercare avoids streaky tan and makes sure that the golden brown colour of your skin is even.  

One of the main ingredients in the sunless tan spray is the colour additive dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA. When applied to the skin, dihydroxyacetone reacts to the proteins in the topmost layer of the skin to give you a temporary tan.  

Once done, you will start experiencing dark brown skin within 2-3 hours. Some people achieve quicker results. Your skin will darken within the first 24 hours. 

What to expect from fake tan?

Fake tanners are either sprayed on your body, or the specialist applies it using the hand. Whatever way you choose; the process will be conducted in a private room. Before proceeding, the tanning expert will show you the shades to choose from. They will also advise the best one which suits your skin tone. 

To achieve a flawless faux look, make sure to prep one day before the fake tan. Use wax or shave to remove hairs 24 hours before. Exfoliate the skin and use a moisturiser so that it is hydrated. 

It is advised not to shave, apply moisturiser and deodorant on D-day. Ladies, you should also apply nail polish because tan sprays may stain your nails. 

Before the process begins, the tanning person will tell you what exactly you should wear. The best choices are to put on your swimsuit, underwear and bra or disposable paper knickers. A lot of women prefer to wear nothing at all. 

Hey all beautiful ladies, if you are willing to play it safe and being bare is not your cup of tea, I’m afraid you will suffer from some white bits somewhere, and they can look awkward. Why don’t you go for disposable underwear? They cover a minimum part of your body, meaning no white bits stay unsprayed and no stains on your clothes. 

Fake Tan
Is Fake Tan a Good Option for The Brits?


At home or in the salon

Sunless tanning is done the same way, whether you do it by yourself at home or opt for an experienced expert. The only difference at the salon will be that the tanning professional will apply the right amount of tan and evenly on the skin. 

As the colourant gives you an instant glow, you can make sure it is evenly applied even to the hard to reach areas. The brown tone will develop in a few hours, and you will see a changed complexion after some time. 

Whether you want the service at your home or the salon, the procedure will take place in a pop-up tent/booth or a pod, respectively. This will help to prevent the spray from spreading in the room. While in the pod or booth, the therapist will tell you the exact position to stand in. 

Before commencing, they will tell you to be ready and when to turn around. Then they will spray a fair amount of spray tan onto your skin according to the shade you desire. It only takes 10-15 minutes to complete the procedure. 

Does fake tan produce desired results

Yes. For me, it is the best thing to have ever happened to the beauty industry. People like me who don’t get any darkening from the sun and have an aversion for it are left with no choice other than to go for this miraculous and this most effective skin darkening option. 

Yes, saunas and sunbathing do produce results, and people love these options, but if you want quick, safe and most desirable results, sunless tanning is the way to go. The sunless spray tan will give you the most tasteful and uh-mazing looks ever. Be it the stunning bronze look for a wedding, a night out, for a class reunion, a ballroom invitation or anything. 

Just try it, and you will become a fan of it. Trust me on this. 

The best part of these bronzing sprays is that they are made from all-natural ingredients. Most sprays are made of hydrating botanicals, essential oils, antioxidants and eco-friendly aerosols that don’t have any harsh consequences on our sensitive skin.

Top celebrities’ secret to gorgeous looks

Be it Jessica Alba’s sweet and prominent smile, Megan Fox’s sexiest looks, Jennifer Aniston’s alluring appearance or Kate Moss’s beachy bronze, part of the credit must go to the fake tanning sprays. Well, let’s not take everything away from these beauties. Yes, they are already adorable. But these A-listers’ sun kissed looks are due to fake tan. A lot of these voluptuous beauties have admitted it onscreen. 

Unfortunately for people living in the UK, our intake of vitamin D is sporadic. However, there is nothing to worry about. We can also achieve a beautifully sun kissed and bronze look by turning to the sprays—no need to spend hours and even days under the sun or lying in the saunas. 

With several benefits of fake tan and so many celebrities using it to enhance their appearances, what’s stopping you (the ivory-skinned ones) from getting it. Beautify yourself with the most amazing, time-saving, quick, and cost-effective bronzing sprays to get the radiant glow in just a few hours. All you have to do is book a fake tan service on the Expert app and get the skin you always wanted.

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