Italian Snack Food Guide
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Italian Snack Food Guide: Best Appetizers To Buy Right Now

Food experts and foodies remember Italy as synonymous with delicious foods, yet many people worldwide include only pizza and pasta to the list of best Italian cuisine. You don’t need to book a ticket and travel to Bel Paese to have a taste of authentic Italian snack food. An Italian supermarket near you or a good online Italian food store can help you discover some tasty wonders of Italy. 

However, reaching the isle with a shopping cart can confuse you when it comes to choosing the best Italian appetizers. If you want to munch some authentic and delicious snacks made in Italy, then this guide will help you get some of them. 

5 Things To Buy At Italian Grocery Store

Diverse Italian cuisines are different from each other in terms of ingredients, flavors, and recipes. There are some traditional snacks and appetizers that all Italians like to eat. These include some authentic food items that you can get from the right Italian food store. 

  • Panettone

Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas bread, which is an absolute holiday treasure for Italian foodies. The sweet and puffy bread is originally from Milan, but many in Europe love its mouth-watering taste and denser structure. Although there are countless recipes over the Internet to prepare panettone at home, get an oven-baked from a store to experience its traditional taste. Make sure the product belongs to a reputed brand in Italy.

  • Biscotti

Also called cantucci, biscotti are traditional Italian almond biscuits whose origination belongs to Prato. Unlike jaw-breaking cookies, Italian almond biscotti are twice-baked cookies that are smooth and delicious. If you are buying them from an online store outside Italy, then make sure biscotti are prepared by a reputed Italian brand. 

  • Amaretti

When it comes to the best Italian traditional amaretto biscuits, amaretti cookies are there in each list. The authentic Italian snack food is crunchy and chewy at the same time. The history of these golden cookies dates back to a place close to Milan. To taste the best version of amaretti cookies, ensure that you are buying a product made by a renowned Italian brand.   

  • Puff Pastry

Made of flour, water, and butter, puff pastry is an Italian pastry that consists of many layers. The traditional food is one of the best cold Italian appetizers to try on any day of the year. Although making the pastry doesn’t require many ingredients or special skills, it is hard to match its authentic taste. Get puff pastries prepared by a popular Italian brand to experience their traditional taste. 

  • Torrone

Classic Italian nougat, torrone is a kind of gorgeous white nougat candy that many Italian eat as a dessert. There is an extensive range of ingredients that are used to make this delicious confectionery. Instead of making torrone at home, you can buy it from an online Italian food store. Ensure that the product is made by an Italy-based company that has been preparing torrone and various other traditional Italian snacks for a long time.

In The End   

As you have come to know about some of the best Italian snacks to try, you can start looking for a reputed store to buy these products. Make sure that the shop is an online Italian food store that has been selling quality, made in Italy products for a long time. 

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