Letters, Aug. 3: ‘City oversight just retains on costing us money’

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STINK Never ever DIES
Negative governments and negative elected officers just preserve using and having. I am speaking of the fancy dancy bridge that Druh Farrell had to have as a private edifice. I am not indicating the bridge does not have sure inventive appeal and panache, even so, it was a wonderful to have, not a necessity and the flawed design and style and building execution saddled the Calgary taxpayers with a tab that was double the preliminary estimate. The monument carries on to hemorrhage cash several years afterwards, owing to idiotic destroyers. Luckily the metropolis boys in blue collared the perp and I very seriously hope that a substantial sum of time in the crowbar lodge is in purchase. And talking of Gian-Carlo Carra, do the Calgary cops not have the discretion to cost alleged fraudsters and deal with them sternly, even if the woke city council is limp wristed on the concern. Jyoti Gondek and the rest of council have apparently forgotten who the tax-having to pay stakeholders are?
(Just us lowly peons paying out the way who have been overlooked on this file. And so lots of many others.)

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Brittney Griner, the U.S. basketball participant who bought caught with medications in Russia, is definitely a dumb-ass who deserves to be imprisoned there. Any person who breaks the policies of a state they are traveling to, deserves to pay out the value for their stupidity and being ill-informed. If you are bringing illicit drugs inside a country that deems them unlawful, then you’re actively playing with fireplace. Griner could commit 10 many years in jail in Russia for her idiotic shift and this should really be a reminder to anybody else who thinks it is Alright to flaunt the procedures of a different country although browsing it.
(Harsh but fair. When in their country, stick to their policies or risk the outcomes.)

Yeah, Leela Aheer! She really should be elected UCP chief. She may possibly just be the one human being to deal with all the “bull” in Edmonton!
(She positive stepped up, eh?)

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Who is the true Justin Trudeau? It would appear he is a tailor’s model dressed up to match the event or to be “at one” with Canadians. When everything was “rosy”, it modelled with longish hair, a beard, sporty footwear and trendy clothes. Now with extremely higher inflation, it is modelled donning a severe hairstyle, a trace of facial stubble, dull footwear and clothes. Appear the subsequent election, will the mannequin be modelled as your favourite cuddly uncle or a person of action? Probably we are witnessing the foolishness instructed in the parable The Emperor’s New Apparel.
(A chameleon.)

With the most current thoughts from Lloyd and Harry in Ottawa, it is evident how deeply Lloyd admires the Chinese regime. Food stuff shortages since of extraordinary taxes on farmers and anyone carrying their very own soup bowl and spoon fits correctly with us lining up at the govt-operate soup kitchens for our next meal. Wake up, Canada! Prevent supporting these not-so-closet communists.
(What a time to be alive.)

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