Letters, July 17: ‘Canada has missed a huge opportunity to help the world climate’

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All of the emission reductions the Liberals have imposed in Canada over the last five years I’m sure just went out the window. With Germany ramping up coal-fired power stations, the emissions will likely be higher than Canada has reduced over these years. Way to go, Justin Trudeau! Had you approved the Energy East pipelines and LNG projects off the East Coast, we could have been shipping clean energy to Europe. Burning coal is definitely much worse than the oil and natural gas operations in Western Canada including the oilsands, in which the oil industry has met all the imposed emissions restrictions. I sure hope Pierre Poilievre wins the Conservative leadership as he has a list of potential oil and LNG projects that will help Canada’s economy and put us in a position to export petroleum products. Quebec importing Saudi crude oil doesn’t make economic sense, not to mention the amount of CO2 emissions these tankers emit crossing the Pacific Ocean. Purchasing foreign crude at higher prices and selling Canadian oil at a reduced price of $20 per barrel must be Liberal economics. Oh, Saudi crude doesn’t pay any royalties, not like Western Canadian-produced crude. Western Canadian royalties paid to Ottawa yearly, allocates 93% of the funds to Quebec. I guess Trudeau thinks it balances out, as just how he balances the federal budget. He’s such a Quebecer and worst PM Canada has ever had.
(So we hear.)

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It has been asked over and over, “why does Eastern Canada support and vote for the Liberals, resulting in election wins, every time there is an election in Canada?” Now, a similar question can be asked of residents of Calgary and Edmonton. Note: Just the opposite happens politically in rural or outside these two major centres. Why? Now a question Alberta can ask itself, “Why did Edmonton and Calgary in the last city elections elect individuals with known and proven Liberal values and loyalty? And not only to the Liberal party, but to Justin Trudeau himself?” Edmonton has Armajeet Sohi, and Calgary has Jyoti Gondek. Both very Liberal and very supportive of the Liberals, Justin Trudeau, and his policies. Look back at the policies already pushed through and all the others just waiting for the plans, and of course, all the green plans at taxpayer costs. Very Justin Trudeau-ish. No doubt he is proud, and happy. And all these “plans/policies” were released upon voters only after the elections were decided. A commonly used page from the Trudeau playbook as well. So when Calgary and Edmonton can answer and explain their own voting choices, then maybe the reason as to why Eastern Canada so strongly supports a bogus Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau can be explained.
(The only explanation is the general voter apathy towards municipal elections. And clearly it is the right side of the spectrum not showing up to vote at all.)

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So, $87 billion on climate change that this mayor did not talk about when she ran for office. This should go to a plebiscite for Calgary taxpayers to vote on, just as they voted on Naheed Nenshi’s Olympic bid. As for help from the province and feds, does our mayor not realize there is one taxpayer for all levels of government? She should be charged with fraud for this as it was never brought up during her run for mayor. She should be also charged with incompetence for screwing up the new arena deal with the Flames management. She has been a bust from day one. Thank all of you who voted her in without checking her record as a councillor, as she voted for every tax increase that Nenshi wanted when he was mayor. Calgary voters, you got what you voted for, another do as I say mayor who cares nothing about Calgary, or Calgary taxpayers. Fix the things Calgarians want fixed, roads with more pot holes than you can shake a stick at, police downtown to keep us safe, safety on our LRT system, etc. Russia, China, North Korea, Iran keep building more coal mines, and Canada’s carbon footprint is near zero compared to these countries.
(It was a bit rich claiming the massive cost will be shared with other governments, as if it matters to the poor, abused taxpayer.)

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Today, consumers are being (taken advantage of) by manufacturers and retailers regarding the price of products. I don’t think you even have to be a conscientious shopper to have noticed so many changes in the packaging sizes and pricing. Just for example, bacon packaging has been reduced to 375 g, while a name brand potato chip label has dramatically reduced their classic size packaging from 235 g down to 165 g. Look at toilet paper manufacturers, who reduced the number of sheets of a double roll, making it almost the size of a single roll, while the price increased. You would think that the government would be concerned that consumers are being taken advantage of related to so many changes in packaging sizes. I realize some consumers pay little attention to packaging and pricing, but there are those of us who feel insulted by manufacturers and retailers who feel they can pull the wool over consumers’ eyes. Retailers raise prices on products, packaging sizes are reduced, then they put these items on sale at the price they were a month ago, and consumers are supposed to be excited about a great deal. The government has been talking high inflation but sad to say, the very ones responsible for high inflation are using it to further the raising of prices, greater profits being their goal, consumers be damned.
(We don’t like it any more than you do, but many, many factors at play here and the bottom line is that we are all trying to recover from COVID and what it’s done to our economy.)

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So Rogers Communications is unable to communicate and society starts to slowly grind. I’m sorry that business had to pay a price and I hope they recoup their loses, but everything else is like a sociological experiment or a movie of the week, as we see how society reacts when the gatekeepers take people’s toys away. I can guarantee that our masters were taking notes to see how restless people became, how quickly everything became disorganized and if or how we adapted. As this event shows, the smarter the technology, the dumber we become. Basic things become obstacles. The Freedom Convoy threw governments for a loop. Rogers just threw the country for a loop. We’ve become slaves to technology and no one seems concerned that we’re going through life wearing an electronic leash. What’s truly laughable is that there will be calls for a investigation, apologies will be made, but as long as everyone got their security blankets back, this fiasco has probably already been forgotten, that is, until next time.
(It’s the way of the developed world.)

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It is pretty sad to see how the government of Canada works to uphold the law. If you are a convicted criminal with a history of violence and are arrested during a crime with a weapon, you can still get bail. If you break your bail conditions, you still get bail and let loose into the public with no penalty. Meanwhile, Tamara Lich, who had no previous convictions, is hauled in for breaching her bail conditions by going to an awards dinner. This goes to show what Trudeau’s government priorities are. Disagree with him and you are an enemy of the state but do major crimes with weapons and you are allowed to go free, no many times you break your bail conditions. What is wrong with this picture where major criminals get let loose to continue with their crimes with no deterrent and a law abiding citizen who protested against the government gets punished to the full extent of the law. What a frigging joke our government has turned into. But as Trudeau has said, he admires the government of countries that do not allow any dissent against them. After all, they know how to get things done without the bothersome little people interfering with their plans.
(With every passing day, it’s looking more obvious governments fear Lich and the national unrest she stands for. However, this is a provincial justice matter, not federal.)

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Re: July 10 Family Day at the Stampede. Twelve of us entered the Stampede to save $23 admission before 11 a.m. A horrible experience and poor decision on our part. The moment we walked along 12 Ave. S.E. we were shocked. All the bins were overflowed with garbage. We entered the grounds, what a zoo! Total chaos. No organization, poor planning for people flow of traffic. Forty-five-minute food lineups. Ridiculous price for games and rides. Guide dogs and people with disabilities yelled at as they were not moving fast enough or not moving out of the way. BMO Centre was a shock. Few vendors at The Market and the walk from the BMO into Western Oasis was like herding cattle. People were walking out of the dog bowl and others were trying to get into the Western Oasis. Huge safety issue. Our families normally purchase the Stampede lottery tickets in advance, therefore receiving a free admission ticket to go another day. Since this does not happen, we had to go on July 10. Removing the free admission tickets for the lottery ticket purchase will hurt lottery sales. We brought a group from Ukraine. Had been in Alberta 10 days. We wanted them to experience the Stampede. But the experience they had was awful. They asked to leave the grounds and go home. I am certain they will never visit the Stampede again. Calgary Stampede is all about money. The fun has been replaced with misery and 12 miserable people left the grounds.
(Sorry to hear you had a terrible outing.)

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Well, our business went from $5,000 to $7,000 a day in sales pre-COVID to $500 to $700 a day when COVID hit. We emptied the accounts to stay afloat, and finally the sales are coming back. Unfortunately with incurred debt, which would be easy to pay off if sales came back, our energy bills have doubled. Interest rates are rising and there’s not a politician anywhere that understands. When you see a home energy bill go from $250 a month to $500, the average citizen says yikes! When the business owner sees energy bills go from $3,500 a month to $7,000 … they say we’re done.
(Not one single politician looking out for the ordinary people these days.)


The ignorance of our city council is astounding. They want Calgarians to be paying a little or a lot towards the master plan for $87 billion they don’t know. They traditionally get other levels of government to pitch on these costs, maybe or maybe not? How can anyone not understand that the (other levels of government) get their money from us, the taxpayers. They are the same pocket, you folks, figure it out. We are already sucked deep into Canada’s net zero unwinnable plan. Look how much that’s costing (food, heating/cooling, fuel, debit) and how much more will be spent before the current NDP and Liberals are out of control of government. Please take Miss Freeland with you, her and her boss are putting out a lot of CO2 with all the talking.
(Every day is worse than the day before. That should not be how life works.)

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My wife and I watch the Stampede every day during this 10-day celebration. Due to mobility problems, we can no longer attend the grounds. Therefore TV it is. I hear what John Waddell in his letter is saying (on the chuckwagon races) but I think he has taken a very premature point of view. On day one, we all wondered at how the changes made would affect the sport. On day five, we asked ourselves the same question. What really has changed? The answer was: “Not much.” We have always been keenly interested in the start of a race. Are any barrels knocked over? Have the outriders done their job? Will there be penalties assessed? Who gets the inside rail? Who raced the fastest? The events related to these questions occurred every day of these first five days. The fact that there were now only three wagons instead of four really did not affect the entertainment value. It is apparent that the changes made have created a more safe environment for drivers and horses. Unless you are sickly interested in seeing one of these participants get injured or killed, the entertainment value has not changed.
(Thanks for sharing your viewpoint, Dick.)

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The warning goes out to the government, please do not throw too much free money at the economy. It will cause inflation. The government response is to ignore the advice. Guess what? High inflation. Warning goes out to the BOC not to raise rates too high, too fast. They do it anyway. Result, recession or stagflation. The only thing that these two supposedly responsible institutions have in common is that whatever they do doesn’t effect their lives. No, the pain and anxiety is for the common people who have to bare the burden of the decisions these brainiacs make. The problems that we are all facing are more complex and we need people who are real leaders that can put in the work to really solve problems. Not the knee jerk lazy group of scoundrels that we have right now.
(You mean the ones making things worse?)

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Re: ‘ALL ABOUT THEM’, letter, July 11. This is no longer about Canadian federal politics. This is about submission to the “one world government” of the great reset. Minister of Health of Canada Jean-Yves Duclos announced on Twitter (among other news sources) that Canadians need to have a coronavirus vaccine shot every nine months. I’m sure it will be mandated by our prime minister in the coming weeks. This is where we have to resist, as if we do resist, they (the new world order) cannot win.
(Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We know COVID is still a thing until it’s not. We are all sick of it but no need to turn it into a conspiracy.)

Re: Letter ‘STAND UP, LIBERALS’. Great question, Mr. Ewert. The fact that the Liberal party has not actively replaced Chairman Trudeau, despite his sinking popularity and numerous ethics violations, shows that they all share not only the same agenda but the same level of entitlement and corruption as well. You can change the face (or in this case, the hair) but the replacement will be just as bad, but maybe not as narcissistic. The Liberal entitlement — which leads to the corruption and continued reviews by the ethics commissioner, is the main characteristic of the entire party. Cut off the head and three more will appear. The best we could hope for is the replacement would be smarter and hide it better, but the behaviours would not disappear. The question is, do the people who voted for these clowns support this corruption, or are they just hoping for their spot at the trough?
(The entitled rot runs deep. But, as they say, they are entitled to their entitlements.)

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Why did we allow this cretinous human being into our fine city, putting a damper on our Stampede festivities. Justin Trudeau is not welcome here by a large portion of our population. This is the same guy who is serving up Albertan Tamara Lich on a platter and denying her rights and he has the gumption to make an appearance flipping pancakes. He’s a hypocritical narcissist who has damaged our economy and helped create inflationary harm to the citizens of this province with his carbon tax. He just needs to leave and not let the door hit him on the way out of this province.
(It’s a free country … or so they say.)

A lot has been said lately about the fact that if the Liberal MPs had any guts, they would have turfed Justin Trudeau by now. Isn’t is clear by the fact they haven’t, that he’s the best they have to offer? This is why the Conservatives must elect Pierre Poilievre as their leader. I’ll bet a month’s wages that if Poilievre does become leader, Trudeau will never show his face in the House of Commons again to answer questions, as he will become the first human on the planet with “permanent COVID-19”, requiring “permanent isolation”.
(Let’s see if Justin runs again.)

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Re: ‘MISSING THE PICTURE’, letter, July 9. Pierre Poilievre is a common-sense politician, an almost extinct species. Some people among the Conservatives may feel that he does possess enough intellect to be worthy of their vote. Let me tell you something, you arrogant, upper-class elites. Pierre Poilievre is the only politician in the CPC that can and will defeat Justin Trudeau and his Liberal ilk. The CPC has a long history of shooting themselves in the foot, at critical political junctures. Keep your eyes on the prize. The purpose is to defeat the Liberals.
(Canada’s holding out for a hero. Is he that person?)

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