Letters, June 24: What goes about comes all-around

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Significant BLUE RING
Could not assistance but observe that Montreal is erecting a large circle trying to mimic ours. When ours went up Nenshi was mayor, and it “only price $470,000.” The fantastic stewards of our tax income did a good occupation! Montreal’s ring is projected to price $5 million. Folks in Montreal say it represents all that Montreal has to give. Ever see it is the similar shape as a significant zero?
(Calgary’s community artwork software was continuously a fiscal disaster.)

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I found that a agency is becoming employed to revitalize Steven Avenue Mall. It’s possible this organization can do what Mayor Gondek and her flock really don’t want to do. Get rid of all the drug-crazed, knuckle-dragging trash that retains folks like me from coming to the city centre. Detroit North desires to be cleansed.
(We await the Stephen Avenue strategy with bated breath.)

With out consulting with Style 1 diabetics living in Alberta, the UCP announced on Might 10 they would no for a longer period give coverage for the insulin pump therapy program (IPTP) as of Aug. 1. This announcement put diabetics like myself in a extremely challenging position we are scrambling for details and worrying about the impacts this determination will have on our upcoming overall health and the monetary balance of our people. With no the IPTP, the charge of an insulin pump will be prohibitive as will the cost of Alberta Blue Cross rates in the deal with of this pre-current issue. Reverting back to archaic approaches of diabetes management (this kind of as manual insulin injections) will end result in enhanced well being threats and issues alongside with increased prices to the wellbeing-treatment system. Whilst other provinces are growing coverage for diabetes checking and management with constant blood glucose monitoring to go along with IPTPs, Alberta is using a move backward. The UCP demands to completely reverse its conclusion on the IPTP and extend coverage.
(The UCP has paused this transform for now and we hope your plea is read.)

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Back again TO THE Long run
Perfectly shock, surprise! Guess who was PM the previous time inflation in Canada was this negative? None other than junior’s father, PET. I guess he taught his son properly.
(Like father, like son.)

ALBERTA Initially
Aspiring UCP management applicant Danielle Smith’s Alberta 1st policy announcements, which include and primarily her defiant vow to in no way obey any federal legislation that is adverse to the interests of us Albertans, resonates like that expansive monologue recited by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, steering the starship Enterprise, at the start of just about every episode of Star Trek: The Next Technology: “To boldly go where no one has absent right before!” Bold surely served Trump with his America To start with marketing campaign in 2016, perhaps it’ll also support Smith likely ahead.
(No doubt that Danielle Smith speaks straight to a particular constituency in Alberta, and should not be underestimated.)

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