Letters to the Editor, June 27, 2022

I study that John Cena, Hollywood actor and professional wrestler, has fulfilled extra than 650 needs as a result of the Make a Want Foundation (“Cena breaks Make-A-Want document,” Bang Showbiz, June 24). What a definitely selfless act by a Hollywood star to brighten up the life of kids who have experienced tremendously. This is the type of tale I like to examine. It is wonderful to see a human being in his placement devote his time to these types of a worthy induce rather of the useless virtue signalling we see so frequently from people today in his place. Ideally, this will persuade other famous people to dedicate some of their time and energy to these types of a deserving lead to.

Mike Urquhart

Niagara on the Lake

(He really has revealed that providing just a minimal bit of your time can make these kinds of a difference)


Michael Traikos mentions the Leafs in nearly every single Stanley Cup Ultimate column. Can someone you should carefully break the news to him that the Leafs are no more time in the playoffs and haven’t been for three rounds.

Randy Evenden

Clermont, Fla.

(The Leafs are often top rated of intellect mainly because there is constantly up coming 12 months)


Re “Why the Remaining will lower Biden lose” (Victor Davis Hanson, June 24): Even before the November 2020 election, I seriously doubted that a Joe Biden presidency would be permitted to — assuming he genuinely needed to — make a notably sensible advancement in inadequate and reduced-earnings Americans’ quality of lifestyle. In truth, I strongly suspect that any American president who would critically try utilizing certainly humane, progressive procedures — notably, a considerable reduction in armed service paying, a legitimate anti-war hard work, universal solitary-payer well being treatment, crafting-off scholar personal debt, raising the minimum wage even though reigning in Wall Street — would most likely be assassinated. Maybe, it is a large element why the Democratic Countrywide Committee significantly resists a Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy, regardless of what Democratic Bash associates/voters want. Hillary Clinton’s neo-liberalism, as opposed to Sanders’ fiscal progressiveness, was already recognised for not rubbing towards huge cash, business and energy grains. Fiscal conservative ideology/politics, huge small business interests and most of the corporate mainstream news media resist sufficiently progressive concepts from essentially becoming implemented. Also, Republican representatives are very likely manipulating the Democratic hierarchy into building the latter’s fiscal politics/procedures even a lot more conservative. They all seem to favour massive dollars pursuits above people today. Meanwhile, powerful business enterprise interests can debilitate high-level elected officials through implicit or explicit threats to transfer or eradicate careers and capital investment decision, therefore economic steadiness, if corporate “requests” are not accommodated. It is a political crippling that is worsened by a blaring news media which is permitted to be by natural means significant of incumbent governments, in particular in regards to task and money transfers and financial weakening. Consequently, I believe that that Canadian key ministers, and American presidents, are mostly symbolically “in charge,” beneath the most electricity-entrenched and saturated nationwide/company interests and establishments. Those people elected heads “lead” a virtual corpocracy, i.e. “a modern society dominated by politically and economically large companies.”

Frank Sterle Jr.

White Ro​ck, B.C.

(Somewhere, Jimmy Carter is smiling that Biden is turning out to be a worse president than he has been. But it is not just Republicans that are indicating this, the Democrats are brazenly conversing about him not getting on the ticket in 2024)

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