3 Tips To Maintain Speakers And Subwoofers For Cars

After investing in new speakers for your car, you want to ensure that they bang for multiple years. Make use of these maintenance tips to ensure that your car audio system sounds like brand new for a long time.

1. Protection

This is about keeping away any harmful substances from the car subwoofers and speakers. The safest place for speakers is in the trunk or below the seats. Do not think of removing them from their strategic locations unless they wear out. Other precautions to take include:

  • Dust them often: a blower or vacuum cleaner can do this perfectly.
  • As you wipe, do not use liquid cleansers as they can spoil the car amp
  • Keep off any magnetic material
  • Park the car away from direct sunlight to prevent heating of the car subwoofers
  • Ensure adequate ventilation around the audio system
  • Follow the maintenance manual from the supplier
  • Put grilles on speakers and maintain a clean trunk. Don’t put groceries on top of woofers!

2. Check power connections

All the electric connection jacks should follow the right procedure in plugging. Inappropriate channels and jacks can blow up a car subwoofer any time. It is vital to understand the voltage limit of the system and ensure cleanliness and tightness around all the connections. A lot of vibrations occur and might make the power wires weak and expose the speakers. Ground cables must be checked for corrosion and looseness. Battery terminals maintenance should follow suit and any other power block in the car. If you want to enjoy uninterrupted music you need to ensure that current flows smoothly.

3. Avoid over-amplification

Overriding subwoofers for cars is a major cause of audio system failure. Distortion can destroy n amplifier and a speaker faster than anything else. During installation, it should be ensured that the amplifier matches the output level of the speakers. You know there is distortion when the sound system begins to crackle when volume is increased. There is no need to overwork the woofers by adding volume. If you need it high, just look for more powerful speakers. If you purchase new car speakers, make a burn test by playing music for a whole day. If no problem shows up, know you have got the right stuff. It is a way of testing for manufacturing defect.

Car speakers are fundamental elements especially for the audiophiles. Quality models enhance your musical experience but you have to pay a price in order to enjoy long-term benefits. Make sure that you maintain them regularly to avoid breakdowns.

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