Mass. governor, rare pro-selection Republican, signs buy to guard health and fitness care companies who offer abortion services to out-of-state residents : politics

Baker is possible going to run for President as ‘conservative classic’ provided his attractiveness in Massachusetts.

He signed expansive healthcare reform regulations, environmental safety legal guidelines, supportive LGBTQ+ legal guidelines (he has a gay brother) which involves bathroom protections, legal weed, pretty loudly Anti-Trump- and now this. He’s quite progressive, even by blue requirements, and truly focuses primarily on plan investing.

I have my challenges with him (he endorsed Collins, that dick!) and he goes off the rails from time to time on particular difficulties. Continue to, he frequently executes the will of the people today and does not feel to piss a great deal of people today off. He is considered the only exception to the rule.

You could argue it is simply because he has a veto-evidence state senate. But this one particular came as an executive purchase in the course of his ultimate calendar year in office (he’s decided on not to run, future frontrunner is a Democrat, so it won’t be reversed).

He did not have to do something, but he did. And I’m glad.

So I think all of this will backfire if he actually does a presidential bid. Or maybe he may well go Libertarian like Weld did and test to siphon some conservative votes from Trump 2..

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