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Men’s Fashion Trends To Follow This Winter 2021 

Moving on from the Autumn fashion trends. The colder months are coming in quick and fast and that means that the warmer clothes are going to be making more of an appearance. This doesn’t mean that you need to get to the shops and get a whole new wardrobe, you may have a lot of it in your wardrobe already. There is a growing issue with fashion, and that is that younger generations tend to follow every trend that comes out such as a full tracksuit. There is also a big misconception that following trends means that you dress well, that is not the case. 

The key to being a well-dressed man is to be able to distinguish between what is going to be a fad and what is going to be a timeless classic. Choose trends from your style and only purchase if you will wear them more than 30 times as this will save you a lot of money down the line. In this article, we will go through some of the top trends to come out for A/W21. 

Oversized Outerwear

As you can probably see, clothing is getting much baggier than in previous years. Gone are the days of tight-fitting clothing and contoured jackets for a more relaxed fit. As the days/nights are getting colder, the slouchy overcoats, puffer jackets and extended parka coats will become extremely popular this winter.  

You will also see an influx of belted trench coats due to them being a timeless classic. You may see them oversized or you may see them tailored, due to them being a timeless classic, people will have a varied approach pending on what the trend was like when they purchased theirs. The great factor about oversized outerwear is that it gives you the ability to layer, and we all know how important this is to step up your style. 


Fleece is coming out amazingly well this fall and for good reason, it looks urban, it is extremely warm and can look great with some outfits. Menswear is fancying more outwear looks at the moment. Thick retro fleeces have been in style for a couple of years now and designers are still bringing in this material for more design. The one thing to say about fleece is that it works best in small doses so keep it to one piece per outfit and mix with different textures and layers. 


Leather looks great, it’s rugged and is also a timeless classic that will continue to be trending for years to come. One style that will never go out of style and will be a sound investment would be a leather bomber jacket. These look great and will last you a lifetime so it’s worth spending on this as you won’t need to buy a new one. If you haven’t already invested in a leather jacket, then you should start saving as they don’t come cheap. 

Relaxed Legs

If you were born in the ’90s then this one is going to be a complete culture shock. Skinny legwear and ever straight legwear is going out for more relaxed ‘80s and ‘90s styles. Many have been squeezing their legs into skinny jeans for the past decade and this habit is not going to be easy to break. Now it’s time to start embracing a more relaxed fit, you might even be surprised how much you like them in style and comfort. 


Checks have been on-trend for fashion in recent years and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. They are always going to have something be the case in some way. This season it is in the form of shackets and overshirts. It comes in all sorts of colours and styles but this winter it’s black on black, look at tartan and buffalo styles to get the idea. This is a great way to be able to layer up and boost your style further. If you want to go the extra mile, opt for a good quality thick knit to go under or a black stylish knit jumper over a tartan shirt. 

Pockets Galore

Rewind 5 years ago and you would not see a pair of cargo pants in sight, well, apart from the middle-aged dads who have lost track of their style. They were the key factor in being uncool. The more pockets you had on your clothes, the bigger loser you would have looked. This year though, it’s completely different. 

Pockets are now seeing a huge comeback this year. Fashion brands such as Brunello Cucinelli have been reworking the cargos and making them cool again, and they have a great amount of storage which doesn’t come naturally with most pants. 

As you can see there are a great number of different fashion trends that are coming out, some are new and some are just timeless classics that have been reworked for today’s culture. Either way, they look great. Just remember that not all trends need to be followed, choose a few and stick to your grounds. 


Bettina Cabana is a web designer and a freelance fashion blogger. She loves to write about the latest trends, women's fashion, and a lot more in the industry. Bettina has been working for multiple clients in the past many years. She likes to explore new places, cultures, and cook in her free time.

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