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A few months ago I started to clean out my closet. One thing led to another and a few months later I’m barely feeling like I’ve completed the task. It’s a good reminder that having a minimal closet is not a one-and-done project. It’s ongoing work as you make conscious decisions about your wardrobe. Today I’m sharing with you my minimal closet in 2022. As time goes on I know that it will evolve just as it has since I first started my minimal closet project in 2014.

Although my personal style has remained steady for the last few years, the last couple of years have really shed light on how vastly life can change and whether or not my wardrobe was ready for that. I know that I have a preference for things that are modern, monochrome or earth toned, minimal, and for the most part, timeless. I love fabrics with a luxe texture or feel and tend to gravitate toward items that are natural in composition. I love cotton, linen, wool, and silks. I have to buy something poly, I hope it’s made from recycled content.


Our seasons are always a little tricky. My tops need to be versatile enough to work with daily weather changes, seasons, and trends. I mostly work from home so I love a casual look, but sometimes I enjoy looking more polished so I prefer if my tops can be dressed up or down.

Vintage Ribbed Relaxed Fit Tee
Men’s large in black. When my grandfather passed away the only items of his I really wanted was a couple of t-shirts from his closet. This was one of them. He’d wear it with jeans to something nicer, and I love to wear mine with denim as well. I’ve considered hemming it but fear it would take away from the sentiment. A french tuck does the trick for now. I found a similar

Similar: H&M Relaxed Fit Tee.

Jessica Doll of Hej Doll

Jasmine Chong Land & Sea Winged Shirt
Size 4 in Black. Not only am I a huge fan of Jasmine, she’s a great friend of mine. This silky shirt feels like heaven and I feel like a goddess wearing it. It’s etherial in all the right ways and I haven’t seen anything else like it.

Similar: Also comes in Dove Grey.

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

*Ah, one area where my closet hasn’t changed. I do love my sweaters. I’m a sucker for cashmere and tend to stay away from wool because it doesn’t feel as good on my skin. I also love a good terry sweatshirt as a casual basic or to throw on over a dress with sneakers.

Everlane Cashmere Crew
Size Small in Canvas. This is one of my softest sweaters. I love how light and airy it feels so it can work perfect with shorts or as a winter layer. Plus, you can hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Henrik Vibskov Sweatshirt
Size Small in Beige. An impulse buy during my trip to NYC in 2019. This sweater not only reminds me of my trip, it features fish swimming in opposite directions, a nod to my pisces sun sign and a strive to always find balance in life. I love its quirky nature. I haven’t seen anything similar but I bet you could easily make your own with some 4″ patches and a beige sweatshirt.


I will always have a thing for a nice black dress. I just love it as a color, it is versatile and timeless. That said, my dresses are pretty diverse in style and I’ve even gone on one trip where I had 5 minutes to pack and the only items I packed were black dresses.

Reformation Monique Linen Dress
Size Extra Small in Black. This dress runs pretty large and has oversized armholes. I love the lightness of the linen fabric and that it’s black so I don’t have to worry as much about it being sheer. I wore it on a recent trip to Mexico and it was wonderful both on the beach and at a nice dinner.

Similar: Shaina Mote Ferrara Dress.


This area of my closet is pretty simple and straightforward. A couple shorts, a few pants, a statement pant. I don’t love skirts.

Everlane Utility Barrel Pant
Size 0 in Bone. These pants have a little give and are flexible on sizing. I size down for a more fitted look, while if you stay true to size you get a looser fit. They are slightly cropped with a high waist, a style I’ve been fond of lately.

Similar: Banana Republic Barrel Pant.

Everlane Way-High Drape Pant
Size 0, 30″ inseam in Khaki/Black Gingham. These are the most flattering pants I own, hands down. The tailored waist is very defining and the wide and long length makes your legs appear miles long. I love how playful the gingham print is. These pants are very versatile, I love to wear them with a tank and sandals or a sweater and boots.

Similar: Reformation Oren Pant.

Everlane Dream Pant
Size XS in Black. A fitted style with a clean waistband and pull-on styling, these have boast the comfort of sweatpants with the look of a more tailored cousin. See how I wore them 4 different ways. I also love the black and white version for a fun play on a tuxedo look.


My collection of jackets and coats has been steady for a few years now and in the last year I’ve finally found myself ready to let go of my trench coat. I don’t think it serves a function in my wardrobe any longer and my blazer can stand in when needed. I’ve also added in a vest and a statement rain coat.

Everlane Oversized Blazer
Size 2 in Black. I have had this blazer in my wardrobe for awhile and I love how I can wear this oversized fit casually with a tee or other top and denim without feeling too stuffy.

Similar: Everlane 80’s Blazer.

Steven Alan Military Droptail Parka
Size S in Green. The fabric is lightweight, but not necessarily waterproof and the fit is quite oversized. If you ever come across this jacket I suggest you snatch it up, because it has been an off and on casual staple in my wardrobe during spring and fall. I purchased this almost 10 years ago and haven’t seen much similar in both fabric and design.

Similar: Renew Anorak by Everlane.

Rains Holographic Waterproof Rain Coat
Size Small/Medium in Silver. Awhile back I purchased the Ikea Frekvens, a silver raincoat that has been the focus of some of my photos. I loved it so much that I wanted an everyday upgrade. If you are simply looking to get the look, check sites like ebay or Poshmark because there are plenty of silver jackets there, though they may have outlived their water repellent-ness.

Similar: Rachel Roy Water Resistent Rain Jacket.


Ahh shoes, my great weakness. I think a great shoe can serve such a wonderful place in a wardrobe, whether it’s to dress up an outfit or to simply be there for comfort. Please note that this does not include my running shoes as those are very specific and I only wear them for running and crosstraining.

TKEES Gemma Sandals
Size 8 in cocobutter. These sandals are so comfortable that I literally hiked up a 1000ft tall mountain wearing them (no, it wasn’t planned). They also look really nice with a nicer dress or casual with shorts. The neutral color of these pairs well with just about any color, although I prefer to style them with black or white.


On Running Roger Sneakers
Size 8.5 in white. These sneakers replaced my beloved Veja after many years of use. These sneakers are the perfect amount of casual cool, with a side of easy to keep clean. I’ve had them for awhile now and they’re my go-to when it comes to casual shoes.

Similar: Everlane ReLeather Court Sneaker

Boss Boot
Size 8.5 in pebbled black. These boots are an absolute fall and winter (and sometimes summer in San Francisco) staple for me.

Similar: Margaux The Downtown Boot,

Swimwear & Coverups

Living in California I love to be at the pool or beach, whether I’m home or away, so that often means this is a larger part of my closet. That said, I love all of my swim pieces and feel great in them which is what counts. Some can even serve well in multiple types of looks which is helpful in a minimal closet and when you travel light. Here are a few of my favorites:


Running is one of my top health priorities, so working out takes up a good deal of my time. My collection of workout clothing ranges from compression tights to high-impact sports bras and even special shoes made just for running on a rocky trail. I’m sharing a few of my favorites below:


Without diving into every detail of my undergarments, I will say that I feel like the number is just right. My favorite brand to wear is Negative Underwear, and if you’re looking for soft basics Everlane also gets the job done well.


In the last couple of years I’ve learned that I love to lounge around the house, so my closet has grown a little in this sector. I will say that I do enjoy buying loungewear that I can also include in day-to-day outfits effortlessly.


My accessories are well balanced. I’m not super into purses but I do have a few hats since it’s often sunny here. I promise they all get worn quite a bit, whether I’m traveling or at home. I am a creature of habit when it comes to purses, and I tend to wear the same pieces of jewelry day in and day out.

All together that brings my closet to 50 items, excluding workout, swim, lounge, intimates, and accessories, to 59 items. As always, there are probably some items I could let go of, like the dresses I’m not wearing right now, eek. Right now though, I’m happy with all of it and that will always matter more than any number.

What are your favorite items in your closet right now? What do you wish you could change?

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