Opinion | John Kerry’s British Election Meddling

Don’t forget American politicians who profess to be aghast at international interference in domestic U.S. politics? Seemingly there is an exception when John Kerry is interfering in a different country’s election. Witness the kerfuffle the U.S. climate envoy prompted in the United Kingdom this weekend with his intervention in the Conservative Get together management race.

Local weather coverage is an situation in the contest to succeed Boris Johnson as Tory chief and British Prime Minister after Mr. Johnson’s eco-friendly ambitions wreaked so significantly financial injury. Environmentally friendly levies and hostility to domestic oil-and-gasoline production contributed to a 54% rise in household energy costs in April, with a further 40% boost predicted in October. One of Mr. Johnson’s worst fumbles was a approach to drive homes to abandon the natural-gas boilers they use for warm drinking water and central heating, and to spend countless numbers of pounds setting up heat pumps in its place.

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