Oral Hygiene Products- A secret to Healthy Life

As our eyes are a window to our soul, mouth is a window to our body as it tells about our general health. Oral hygiene is necessary for both children and adult alike.  We use our mouth to talk, eat and breathing- can you imagine a life without a healthy mouth.

Poor oral health can bring embarrassment to any individual unexpectedly. However, a healthy smile can bring you self-confidence and immense pleasure of relishing your food.

We think brushing twice a day is enough but to keep our teeth and gum healthy we need to follow some extra care habits. According to studies human teeth are designed in a way that requires a proper care, if not taken then you might suffer a decay that can cause cavity, bad breath, severe toothache, or gum diseases.

To avoid these risks factors one must be aware of healthy habits and practice them in order to provide protection to the mouth.

Here are some tips for oral health hygiene to protect your mouth and body and to have that broad smile on your pretty face:

  1.     Regular Brushing

Ideally one should brush after every meal but twice a day would work, if you make it a habit, once in the morning and once before sleeping. Select the right brush with soft bristles and follow the correct brushing technique that should clean every part of your mouth.

Experts suggest that one should brush atleast 2-3 minutes at a time with a charcoal toothpaste. Don’t brush immediately as the essential enamel can be brushed away, so wait for an hour after a meal and then clean your teeth with a fine brush.

  1.     Flossing and Using Mouthwash

Flossing and using mouthwash is equally important for the good health of your mouth and it can be done after every meal to clean the in between your teeth, where brush can’t reach. It helps removing the after meal debris and reduces the chances of tooth decay and plaque.

  1.     Drink adequate water, ensure calcium and Vitamin D

A human body needs 10-15 glass of water in a day, water has many benefits as it encourages the production of saliva which is good for teeth.

Our teeth requires a lot of calcium for dense bones, so make sure to have milk and calcium rich foods like banana, dairy food, green leafy vegetables everyday.

Vitamin D is also essential for strong teeth, absorb the sufficient amount of sun light and intake other vitamin D rich foods such as cucumber, potatoes, carrots etc.

  1.     Avoid Harmful Foods, Drinks and Quit Smoking

Poor diet attributes to tooth decay largely, which can be consist of foods high in sugar, phosphorus and other harmful ingredients. Try to avoid too much intake of coffee, tea, and other sweet drinks as it can make your white teeth look dull.

Dentist advice to limit the soft drinks intake as it may harm the enamel and you can loose your charming smile.

Smoking is strictly prohibited for human health, it contains nicotine which is harmful for your teeth and moreover it can cause killer diseases like cancer.

  1.     Visit the Dentist Regularly

Last but certainly not the least, visiting a doctor is very important after every six months to keep a check for cavity, plaque, or other dental problems. We always need an expert’s advice to ensure good oral hygiene.

By using some of the effective oral healthcare products especially infused with natural elements like neem, charcoal, basil, clove and other useful herbs and plants one can easily avoid the chances of dental risks and can enjoy a good oral health. As a good oral hygiene is one of the secrets of good health. Isn’t it?

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