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Stage Photography-Focusing on theater, dance, etc.

What is better for a photographer than a good subject? !! Theatrical performances, concert performances, musical stages, and the hustle and bustle above them should be particularly suitable as motifs-many amateur photographers already think. And I’m terribly disappointed with his picture. But what makes stage photography so difficult? And what are the tricks?

Stage Photography-Focusing on theater, dance, etc.

Not only the actors but also the production consisting of the presented content, music, lighting, and sound technology will be performed on stage. The entire building block provides the viewer with an experience. It’s very difficult to put all of this in one photo. So here are some tips and tricks you should definitely pay attention to:

Camera hardware selection

Film photography can be very artistic, and even if it goes very well with stage photography, it’s better to bring a digital camera cold shoe. To take a proper picture, you need a single-lens reflex camera or a system camera.

Of course, a camera with a full-frame sensor is your first choice, but it’s not absolutely necessary. For most shooting situations, an 80-200mm zoom lens with a continuous aperture of 2.8 is suitable. If you want to work in the telephoto, we recommend buying a 300 or 400mm lens.

Brighten the darkness-use a flash

Flashes help you get good photo results, especially on poorly lit stages. This is especially true for school performances. In classic stage photography, it’s often said that flash shouldn’t be used here. Only those illuminated by stage technology may be displayed. After all, this is part of staging. Any flash will tamper with the image.

Red-Yellow-Green-Lights on stage

Different lighting moods are often used on the stage. These certainly do not correspond to the bright conditions included in your camera’s menu program. Therefore, always create a white balance manually. Also, be careful. For example, if you work in different scenes with different lights in the play, repeat the white balance.
The mechanism of manual white balance is as follows. Set “Manual White Balance” in the camera menu. Then shoot white paper or cardboard in the light you want to take another picture of later. Then use the menu to verify that this image should be used as a white balance reference value.

Go there-take a picture-make money

Can I make money with stage Landscape photography? Yes, if you are an experienced photographer (you can change jobs). In this case, you will receive an order for the photo from the medium (printed or online). This is important. As a general rule, in the discipline, the use of photographs is only permitted in connection with the report. In other words, you can’t take a picture with your Digital camera and serve it on Fotolia and Co. Attention-Please let us know exactly. If you have any questions, please contact the organizer’s press office.

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