SteelSeries’ wireless mechanical keyboard can variety 2 issues with 1 keypress

Enlarge / SteelSeries’ Apex Professional Mini Wi-fi keyboard connects by using 2.4 GHz dongle or Bluetooth.


Adjustable mechanical switches are a straightforward way to customize the experience of different keys in a keyboard. These switches let you decide on their actuation place, or how considerably you press the key in advance of it registers an enter, for sensitivity that you can range dependent on the important or the software you happen to be utilizing.

Peripherals-maker SteelSeries today introduced new wi-fi and wired mechanical keyboards with mechanical switches that let you modify just about every key’s actuation issue. The compact SteelSeries Apex Professional Mini Wi-fi and Apex Professional Mini also allow you application the keys so that a keypress will register two inputs if you push the critical down far enough.

Adjustable mechanical switches

SteelSeries very first started selling its adjustable OmniPoint mechanical switches in its SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard in 2019. The OmniPoint 2. switches debuting in the Apex Pro Mini Wireless and Apex Professional Mini 60 p.c keyboards produced right now are even far more adjustable.

A depiction of SteelSeries' OmniPoint 2.0 mechanical switch.
Enlarge / A depiction of SteelSeries’ OmniPoint 2. mechanical change.


The new switches are linear (see our manual to mechanical keyboards if you happen to be shed), with a total journey of 3.8 mm. The actuation level, in the meantime, is up to you. You can established it from .2–3.8 mm by using .1 mm increments.

Which is a considerably broader array than what the Razer Huntsman Mini Analog presents (1.5–3.6 mm) but notably shorter than the variety of the Gateron X Lekker switches uncovered in Wooting’s newest keyboards (.1–4. mm). The switches in the Razer and Wooting keyboards also support analog, or joystick-like, input in the small number of Computer video games that assist it.

A Personal computer gaming-concentrated brand name, SteelSeries advised using the element to personalize your gaming expertise, these as placing a greater actuation stage for “deep throws” and a decreased 1 for “featherlight touches.”

I individually like a stiffer spacebar, and while keyboards with spacebars with higher actuation details or sizzling-swappable mechanical switches are available, a little something like the Apex Pro Mini keyboards do the exact same whilst allowing me alter my thoughts effortlessly and also change the truly feel of numerous keys, not just the spacebar.

A single press, various inputs

The Apex Pro Mini (pictured) and wireless version use doubleshot PBT keycaps.
Enlarge / The Apex Professional Mini (pictured) and wi-fi version use doubleshot PBT keycaps.


SteelSeries picks up a feature discovered in adjustable-change keyboards by rivals like Razer and Wooting: mechanical switches that can enter two inputs with one keypress.

For example, you could system it so that urgent “A” enters an “A” if you press the vital down .5 mm and then a “B” (or anything at all else) if you carry on to push the very same important down one more .5 mm.

SteelSeries’ announcement pointed to gaming combos, like walk and operate or pulling out a grenade and then speedily throwing it, as potential makes use of. At the time I turned employed to executing it efficiently, I uncovered the function practical in game titles the place time is vital. But artistic superior users could also use the element to hack some speedy input outside of the battlefield.

However, SteelSeries is presently limiting its so-named Twin Motion element to these new keyboards, and due to their lack of a numpad, the clackers usually are not a excellent fit for all users.

How they operate

OmniPoint 2. switches function like their predecessors by working with magnets and the Hall effect.

Common mechanical switches actuate when two items of metallic make get in touch with. Every push of an OmniPoint 2. swap sends a magnet down the switch’s stem, bringing it nearer to a Hall result sensor at the foundation. By employing the magnetic fields, the keyboard reads the distance in between the magnet and sensor so it can explain to how significantly a vital has been frustrated and register an enter (or two) when suitable.

Since there is no actual physical get hold of in between components, the OmniPoint sequence of switches can past longer than regular mechanical switches. Cherry MX Purple linear switches and OmniPoint switches are both equally specced to last for 100 million keypresses every. Nevertheless, there are some standard mechanical switches with decrease ratings, these types of as the Cherry MX Silent Red (50 million keystrokes).

If you set the switches to their most affordable actuation issue of .2 mm, SteelSeries statements the switches will have a response time of as lower as .54 ms. A single of the ways SteelSeries claims OmniPoint keyboards strengthen velocity is by placing the analog-to-electronic converter right on the keyboard’s most important chip fairly than on the switches and scanning just about every vital every 700 millionths of a next.


The Apex Pro Mini Wi-fi has a $240 MSRP. The Apex Professional Mini is $180, making it a bit less expensive than the $200 MSRP of its complete-measurement counterpart, the Apex Professional.

The keyboards confront direct opposition in the Razer Huntsman Mini Analog, which has a $150 MSRP, and the upcoming Wooting 60HE ($175).

And for those who want a numpad, the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog ($250) and Wooting Two HE ($195), which also support dual-phase actuation, are worthy of noting.

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