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Top Fashion Trends To Be Following In Autumn 2021

You can feel the coolness setting in and can see more people wearing jackets to work. Unfortunately, our summer months are now coming to an end. The autumn months are certainly on their way. It is not a bad thing though, autumn and winter fashion are some of the best. Especially with all the beautiful colours of the leaves, it is a crisp time of year. So get out of your men’s full tracksuit and get into something a little more stylish.

It has been a strange sort of year that has inspired designers. As well as impacting what has been purchased by customers. We will go through some of the top trends to be paying attention to in autumn 2021. 

Red Everywhere

The colour red has been creeping up on us in recent years, especially with fashion. This year though, it is here with a bang. There are many reasons why this could be. Whether it is because top designers have been on the streets and have noticed that people need to be wearing more colour. It could be down to designers needing their models to shine whilst they are on the catwalk. Who knows? All we know is that it looks great and, we cannot wait to be seeing designers bring out their rouge coloured garments.  

When you have plucked up the courage to buy your first red statement piece. The trick to wearing it well is to wear your red piece solely as a statement and use neutral colours to encapture the look. It has been proven with the likes of Prada, Louis Vuitton and Casablanca.

Knitted Polo Shirts

Knitted polos have also been one of those pieces that have been trending for a couple of years. Polo shirts are a great way to mix things up, you can use them for both smart and casual looks. As well as with a knitted element to it, then this look can go far. It is great to see this trend coming out as fewer people are needing to wear formal shirts at the moment. So, it is a way of mixing your work wardrobe up with brands as big as Fendi, Hermes and Prada. 

Trench Coat

The trenchcoat is a staple item for most people in their wardrobe and, everyone should have one at some point in their life. It could be a classic stone coloured one or a more jazzy colour. People should look around before purchasing their trench coat so, they get the style and fit they want. One thing for sure is that you should be looking at ones with the straps, the plates and certainly a buckle for those extra touches of style. If you’re struggling to find the one right for you, then Burberry will get you sorted with a classic. 

Did Someone Say Sweater Vests?

If you have not already noticed, the ’90s are coming back with a bang. Crop tops and shades for women, and sweater vests for men. Yes, this does sound like a bad joke but seriously, they are coming back into fashion. But if you are thinking about how to wear this. Think of grandad styles and winter warmers because the chances of a second winter lockdown are probably going to come. We may as well prepare for it in advance. 


At the moment, classic suits are not needed, with most people working at home it is easy to see why. However, designers have not been taking this lightly as they are now discovering new ways to look smart without the tailored suit. Designers have come up with the non-suit. Not to mention, it is a combination of garments in the same colour and tailoring fabrics without the need for padding. It can look great with the likes of Prada, Zegna and Dior, all using these methods. 

Bring Back The Leather Jacket

The leather jacket has been around since forever. Furthermore, has been worn by rock gods, hip hop artists, and is part of fashion culture. It has been a tough year for many. So, I think we all need some gear to help us through. It is definitely why many designers have removed the sleek tailored overcoats to something a little more rugged and, let’s face it, cooler. There are many styles out at the moment for leather jackets and, it’s all down to personal preference. Some have created heavy-duty jackets with a more longline appeal such as Loewe and others have kept it classic like Prada. 

Autumn is coming and, by the looks of it, it is coming fast and, you may as well start building your autumn wardrobe in time. There are many great styles out there and, it is all down to personal choice when it comes to fashion. Make sure you experiment with all the different styles out there are put them to the test. However, be prepared to find ways to grab some thermal clothing for those cold, winter months. 

Bettina Cabana is a web designer and a freelance fashion blogger. She loves to write about the latest trends, women's fashion, and a lot more in the industry. Bettina has been working for multiple clients in the past many years. She likes to explore new places, cultures, and cook in her free time.

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