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Virtual Reality Surprises: Unexpected things

Modern computers are becoming more powerful every year, and it is not surprising that virtual reality is beginning to be actively used. This applies not only to video games, live online casinos, but also to many other areas.

Let’s look at some of the most interesting ways to use virtual reality.

Sports training

Derek Belch, an American football player from Stanford, proposed creating a virtual training program in the 00s. However, for the technologies that existed at that time, this idea was still too complicated.

At the present time, Belch’s idea has become a full-fledged system, which is already quite actively being used. A 3D video is created, and then it is used for training, where the instruction is step-by-step.

This teaching method is used in some video games: a racing car follows the “trail” of the previous one. In the new system, everything is very similar, but the level is completely different, three-dimensional.

Using old attractions in a new way

Several years ago, some theme parks in Canada began experimenting with virtual roller coaster rides. For these purposes, we used devices that supported smartphones. Images appeared on them, which were synchronized with the real route.

After a while, Six Flags, the amusement ride chain in America, is completely immersed in VR. Nowadays, visitors to many old rides can use VR helmets to enhance their experience. This is significantly more profitable than creating an updated roller coaster.

Online entertainment

Perhaps this direction of using VR was one of the first. Today there are a number of video games tailored for virtual reality. In them, the player literally finds himself in the game world, can observe it at 360 degrees and interact with all objects.

The technology is actively used in live casinos. Players, by putting on glasses, can virtually be present in real gambling halls, where a game of roulette, blackjack or poker is taking place. The livecasino online visitor can participate in the game on an equal basis with the guests who actually came to the casino.

Phobia treatment

You can very effectively deal with various phobias by knocking out one wedge with another. People interact with their fears – and as a result, learn to control them. With this treatment, patients usually experience a lot of stress, and many become angry. That is why many doctors consider this therapy to be insufficiently effective.

Modern experts prefer to create an artificial environment using virtual reality. This way you can minimize all possible risks. Special virtual programs can be used, for example, to combat the fear of heights. To do this, a person who is afraid of heights walks along a narrow VR bridge made of glass.

Virtual neurosurgical operations

The Montreal Institute of Neurology is actively using NeuroTouch Cranio, a neurosurgery simulator. It is used to encourage inexperienced students to improve their skills as effectively as possible, without fear of causing any harm to people.

This system was created to reduce the number of surgeons’ errors: before the appearance of the simulator, the statistics in Canadian clinics were not entirely positive. The latest system assesses the quality of surgical interventions and gives young doctors useful advice to improve their work.

Police training

Special simulators for training police and military personnel have appeared for a long time. People who use the program find themselves in unusual virtual situations, and the scenarios can be very different. It all depends on the person using the system. The script changes in real time.

The system is developed to minimize the use of dangerous weapons. It is also worth noting that people become more experienced – without even finding themselves in real-life dangerous situations.


Advertising is becoming very intrusive these days. There is too much of it, especially on the Internet. There is nothing surprising in the fact that today there are a large number of tools that allow you to get rid of pop-up banners.

At the same time, advertising specialists are confident that advertising can be made more useful and interesting. It’s convenient to use VR for this. You can, for example, offer virtual test drives of cars, “presence” at various fashion shows, etc.

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