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At this point, we’re basically saving a spot at the dinner table for our Amazon delivery guy. Anyone else? Between Prime Day packages and what we’re subscribing and saving on, the hits [or the packages] keep on comin’! Here’s what we bought this month on Amazon!

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Mangopop Bodysuit [true to size, wearing in small] // Express Jeans [size down one, wearing in 2] // Orange heels [on sale, true to size] // Kimono // Jeans [size down if in between, wearing in 26] // Heels [true to size]

If you are buying one fashion item on Amazon, buy this bodysuit. It’s one of those that the minute I got my first one, I went back and bought 2 more in other colors! It’s so comfortable, has a nice full coverage booty, and I love the ruffle straps [that happen to be regular bra friendly]! 

Blazer [size down if in between, wearing in small but could do XS] // Tank [true to size, wearing in small] // Jeans [size down if in between, wearing in 2] // Heels [true to size]

There’s just something about a blazer in a power pink color! I love this oversized blazer for a day at the office or a night out on the town! If you want to make a statement, this is the perfect piece to do just that! 

Dress [true to size] // Similar Sandals

As I keep growing, so do the number of stretchy + comfy clothes in my closet! I have had this dress since before I was pregnant actually but am loving it even more now! I am 5’4″ for reference 💚

Dress [true to size] // Heels [true to size] // Men’s Shoes

This dress from Amazon has the best reviews for tall women, so I knew I had to try it out. I’m 6’ tall, with a 34” inseam, and I was about to wear 2 inch heels and the dress was the perfect length! I wore it to the most beautiful wedding at the Basilica at Notre Dame, and it was super comfortable and I was able to wear a normal bra- total bonus! 

Maxi Dress [sized up for length] // Similar Sandals 

I was recently browsing Amazon when I ran across this dress. It’s the perfect casual dress and also makes a great swimsuit cover up! The material is super soft and this dress has pockets which I love. I sized up one for a little extra length on my 6’ frame. There are so many styles and colors to choose from! 

Girls Sneakers [size down .5] // Boys Sneakers [size down .5]

It’s that time of year where my kids are in need of gym shoes for the new school year and last year’s no longer fit! I hate spending too much on shoes especially since they grow out of them so fast! This will be the second year I’ve ordered sneakers from Amazon and I’ve gotta say, they lasted the entire year and through Summer break! If you’re in need of an inexpensive option, I recommend these! 

Toddler Socks

If my son isn’t growing out of his socks he’s losing them. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for new socks for him. These crew socks are great quality for my wild boy.

Sweatshirt [true to size but sized up to a large] // Shorts [true to size] // Sandals [true to size]

Denim shorts + a sweatshirt is my go-to summertime evening outfit! Especially once the temps start to dip later on into summer! This Amazon sweatshirt just arrived and comes in plenty of other cute graphics too! I sized up to a large because chances are I’ll shrink it 🙈

Just bein’ honest!

Tank top [sized up one for a looser fit, but true to size]! // Shorts [true to size]

Amazon workout tank only $13 today! We love the Core 10 Brand, and the colors in this tank are perfect for summer! Lightweight, flowy, and priced right!

Wine Chiller

I had my eyes on a wine chiller for years, however, the one that I wanted was close to $100 and I couldn’t justify paying $100 to simply keep my wine a little cooler. Insert this Amazon wine chiller that’s under $40. I’ve owned it for several weeks now and have already gotten so much use out of it! It’s awesome when hosting to stick your wine or champagne in and then having on the dinner table for guests to help themselves to chilled wine! Think of it as a giant YETI but for your wine! I’ll cheers to that! 

Stair Basket

Up and down, up and down. This stair basket has been a life-saver for my poor out of shape legs, ha! No more running down the stairs to take one thing down or bring one thing up! 

Corn Zipper

It’s sweet corn season here in Indiana, and that means having corn more often than we should admit! I prefer mine on the cob while my husband and son prefer it by the spoonful – this corn zipper slices it off simply and quickly! 

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Singing in the shower just got a lil upgrade with this bluetooth, waterproof $15 speaker! I’ve been singing my favorite tunes loud and proud so the whole fam can hear! 

Ice Maker

Ice ice baby! This was my big prime day purchase, and I like! Get the nugget-style ice in the comfort of your own home in no time with this countertop ice maker that’s taken the internet by storm!

Outdoor Light Up Speakers

Bought these speakers to have by the lake, and the sound is awesome. They are wireless, Bluetooth compatible, and they light up at night for fun ambience!

Poolside Chair 

I love sitting by my pool with my feet in the water, but hate the strain it puts on my wrists when I lean back. I came across this chair, and it was perfect. You can fully relax, and not have to worry about falling backwards, or straining your wrists for support! I get a ton of use out of it, and it’s so comfortable!

Eufy Robot Vacuum

Whistle while your robot vacuum works for you 👏Erin has and loves this one from Roomba but a lot of you told us about this Eufy brand and if you’re looking for more of a “save” version I highly recommend! It has been such a game changer for my husky hair filled house. However, I have to put it on while we are outside or on a walk because he will chase and bark at it 😂 

Ring + Echo Show

My husband and I have been thinking about ordering a Ring for our home for awhile now so when we saw this bundle during Prime Day, we hit #checkout! We’ve loved having access to see who comes and goes near our house with the Ring! It’s given a little peace of mind too! The echo has been fun for checking the weather, listening to music/dance parties in the Kitchen, the kids asking Alexa for a joke and so much more! Can’t recommend this enough and it’s very easy to install!

Indoor Watering Can

Crazy plant lady over here! My son broke my last watering can so I decided to purchase a sturdier, better quality one this time. The long spout makes it super easy to water all my different kinds of plants. It holds 44 oz which is almost the perfect amount to water all my indoor plants. 

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm + Lip Sleeping Mask

It’s no secret that I swear by the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask so when I saw the same brand has the same magical formula but in a lip balm form that I can apply all day, I knew I had to have it. This stuff is truly the best in keeping dry, chapped lips at bay! 

Gel Heel Sleeves

Say goodbye to cracked heels with these gel heel sleeves! Simply put them on before bed and leave as is or put a sock over the top! [Note: while you can use JUST the silicone sleeve, I prefer to put some sort of foot moisturizer on before to really get the best result!] 

Grandelash Serum

Last year several of us tested lash serums for an extended period of time and while I didn’t mine the option I used, I couldn’t believe the results Erin saw after using this serum! [see the results here]! Her lashes were much longer, fuller and she saw great results! While I haven’t been using this for long, I have a feeling I’ll have promising results!

Homemade Uncrustable Maker

LUNCHTIME GAMECHANGER –-> make uncrustables at home with this $7 Amazon find! My kids’ preschool is nut-free, so I’m always using sunflower butter or something of the like, and I just used this uncrustable maker the other night for the first time and the kids LOVED ’em! I can’t recommend this set enough! 

Veggie Shape Cutter

Why do things taste better when they’re in fun shapes instead of just a cut veggie? At least that’s what I’m hoping my kids think when I try to get them to eat more cucumbers, peppers, and more that are shaped like Mickey, hearts, and stars! 

Gel Car Cleaner

Well, it’s internet famous for it’s magic cleaning power but….. I don’t get the hype. It did the trick where i had light dust or free standing dirt in my car, but anything that was remotely on there wasn’t coming off! It helped get into some hard to reach places, but overall, I need something stronger for my toddler-filled car!  

Airpod Cleaner

Just take a quick look at your AirPods, and if they’re anything like mine looked, you’ll thank me for this little under $10 cleaning device! 

Soap Strips 

These soap strips are a game changer!! They come in stacks of 50 in a secure closable container. I throw the container in my beach bags and use them with lake water or water from a water bottle. The perfect and EASY way to wash your hands when there isn’t a sink and soap available! 

Pickleball Set

Any Pickle Ball lovers out there?! A group of friends of ours started a Pickle Ball league on Wednesday nights, and I’ve become obsessed! My boyfriend and I love doing something active together and the friendly competition with our friends is so much fun! This 4 paddle set is lightweight, has breathable grips, comes with 2 balls and a carrying case. If you haven’t tried Pickle Ball yet, I highly recommend you try it. It is a perfect game for all ages!

Eye Massager

Okay, okay I know this has been sweeping the LIY Community for over a year now but I am happy to say I now have one myself and it’s worth the hype. Between pregnancy and some anxiety, falling asleep can sometimes be a struggle and with the routine of my calm drink and this right before bed, I am ready for a great night of sleep! 

Jabra Elite 4 Active Earbuds

My husband will not stop talking about these earbuds and he is VERY picky about his earbuds! He’s been working out in them [and the guy sweats A LOT] and they have been amazing! Sweatproof, waterproof, noise canceling, great sound and a comparable option to the Apple Airpods Pro! If you’ve been looking for a less expensive option, he can’t recommend these enough!

Wandering Bear Cold Brew

While I loved the concept of this ready to drink cold brew I didn’t love the taste. It was way stronger than I expected and super bitter. If that’s your style then you’ll love this beverage!

Kneeling Pad

My knees are thanking me for this purchase. At bathtime I would always  fold up a bath towel to kneel on while giving my kids a bath. It kind of felt like a waste of a clean towel to me so I opted for this kneeling pad. It has been so helpful and would be great for pulling weeds outdoors as well. Now if only I had time to do so! 

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