Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai composed update July 27: Abhimanyu fails to uncover the finest health practitioner to take care of his situation

The earlier episode finished with Abhimanyu expressing his anger to Akshara for abandoning her goals for him. This episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Akshara outlining her motives. Later, we will see Abhimanyu having alarming news about his ailment. Go through this article to know additional:

Abhimanyu will get another poor information

Abhimanyu proceeds to argue with Akshara about her desires. She points out her good reasons and guarantees him that as shortly as he gets greater, she will resume her vocation. She also assures him to not depart her observe. They lastly get again collectively fortunately. On the other hand, Suhasini receives concerned about her grandkids. Suvarna discusses with Kairav his intentions with Anisha, but he appears to be to be uncertain about it. Also read through: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai created update July 26

Meanwhile, Manjari asks Anand if he uncovered a medical doctor who can enable Abhimanyu. Anand informs her about this definitely well known surgeon with a 100% achievement price. Abhimanyu will get psyched about this great news. Nonetheless, Abhimanyu’s challenges are not more than so quickly. Anand tells every person that the medical doctor has quit drugs. Akshara argues if there is any way they can encourage him to work, but however there is no hope. Abhimanyu feels demotivated. Preserve reading through HT highlights to know if Akshara finds a alternative to Abhimanyu’s challenges.

Akshara plans to enable Abhimanyu

Viewing Abhimanyu so upset, Akshara decides to place in all attempts to help him. She manages to get an appointment for him with yet another renowned medical doctor. She presents the very good information to Abhimanyu who gets enthusiastic about the news. Nonetheless, extra negative news is to come in Abhi’s lifestyle. The health care provider who comes to verify Abhimanyu’s experiences tells him the hazards in his procedure.

Abhimanyu is heartbroken to know that he has pretty minimal chances of acquiring far better and the hazard of lasting harm is much far more than he expected. The health care provider informs him that there are 95% odds of him forever getting rid of his fingers if they go forward with the remedy. He loses all hope of acquiring again to his profession. Akshara is decided to come across the ideal surgeon to take care of Abhimanyu, but will she be ready to even convince him to restart his occupation?

Some fantastic information is in keep in the following episode as Abhimanyu delivers Akshara to her auditions so she can restart her career. There is no doubt that Akshara will handle to ace the auditions, but will she be ready to win the opposition of appreciate? Will she come across the finest surgeon for Abhimanyu? Stay tuned to come across out.

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