You can substitute DLSS with AMD FSR 2. in Cyberpunk 2077 with this mod

Editor’s choose: A modder has located a way to increase FidelityFX Super Resolution 2. to Cyberpunk 2077 by piggybacking off of DLSS. It truly is good software program and if you you should not have an Nvidia RTX GPU that can acquire advantage of DLSS, changing it with FSR 2. isn’t really a negative idea.

In accordance to its creator, enabling FSR 2. by way of the mod just about doubled their 4K general performance on a GTX 1080, to 45 fps. And, as you can see for yourself in the screenshot under, the excellent is phenomenal in contrast to the game’s FSR 1..

They clarify briefly how it performs on their webpage. In summary, the two DLSS and FSR 2. use the very same sorts of temporal info and the mod is a translator that converts the information and facts meant for DLSS into FSR 2. instructions. Its information subsume the position of the DLSS libraries and the game treats them the exact same.

So no, the title earlier mentioned isn’t clickbait. FSR 2. fully replaces DLSS and you swap it on by seeking to transform DLSS on in the in-video game configurations. It continue to only has a single manner, compared with official FSR implementations which can have many, but you can pick out any DLSS quality location you like to change it on.

Photographs via PotatoofDoom1337

Its author notes that the mod has a several other missing attributes and bugs and issues, these kinds of as some small ghosting even though driving a automobile. It can be nevertheless in development and for now just a “proof of concept,” in accordance to its webpage.

Modest troubles aside, the mod is reasonably hassle-free of charge. It will work with any GPU that can enjoy Cyberpunk, together with the very little AMD GPU inside of of the Steam Deck. It also looks to participate in great with other mods like Cyber Motor Tweaks and will “possibly” do the job fantastic with other visible quality mods, like Reshade.

It could even be adapted for other video games as very well, according to its author. Any video game that uses the existing model of DLSS must output the info that the mod demands, indicating that it would only take “a bit of work” to deliver it across.

Preferably, CD Projekt Pink will place some do the job in them selves and carry out it effectively. It would not be shocking if they integrated it with update 1.6, which could demonstrate up in the next handful of times or the following several months.

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