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6 tips to enjoy a bunch of flowers for a longer period of time

You probably know it, you have bought or received a beautiful bunch of flowers and of course you want to enjoy them as long as possible. The same applies when you have someone deliver a bunch of flowers. Therefore these 6 care tips from Bloompost to enjoy a bunch of flowers for a longer period of time.

Tip 1: Clean vase

Always use a clean vase, tailored to the size/height of the bunch of flowers. The flowers need enough space to grow and bloom. In addition, it is really important that the vase is clean and no dirt remains in it, because flowers are sensitive to dirt. As a result, they can quickly finish flowering or go limp.

Tip 2: Fill with clean water

Fill the vase with clean water. The amount of water depends on the type of flowers. Tulips or dried flowers for example, only need a small amount of water and a fresh bouquet of sorted flowers could use a sip of extra water. Preferably use lukewarm tap water. They are scared of the cold and this can hinder growth and flowering.

Tip 3: Food for flowers

Sometimes a bag of flower food is included with a bunch of fresh flowers, but this is not always the case. If you want to be sure that your bunch of flowers get extra vitamins, you can easily purchase a bottle of flower food and add a little bit of food to the water in the vase. Always refer to the dosage on the bottle. Flower food ensures that the water remains clean and the flowers remain beautiful for longer.

Tip 4: Remove leaves from the stem

Remove leaves from the stem that would end up in the water when you put the flowers in the vase. The leaves can rot when they hang in the water. Due to the bacterial growth in the dirty water, flowers can break faster.

Tip 5: Do not put flowers in sunlight, in a draft or near fresh fruit

Do not place the vase with flowers in direct sunlight or near a stove, but also do not put them in a draft. Flowers do not like heat and drafts, but are at their best with an average temperature. When they are in the sun, flowers come out faster, so you can enjoy them for less time. Flowers also wilt faster near fresh fruit. Also pay attention to this when placing the vase.

Tip 6: Cut or cut the stems diagonally

A well-known tip for many, but we will touch on it anyway. Cut or trim the stems of the flowers at an angle. Even if they have already been cut diagonally at the florist. This way you can be sure that they are well able to absorb water optimally. If the stems are cut straight or clipped and the flowers are upright in the vase, they have insufficient capacity to absorb water and remain beautiful for longer. Carefully cut or trim them diagonally, if you want to do it too quickly, the stems can split, causing the flowers to dry out. Cut off the stems every 3/4 days, so they stay beautiful longer.

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